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Bethany Greene
U.S. Navy 

Name: Bethany Greene

Branch of Military: U.S. Navy 

Status: Active

Years of service: 3

Skydives: 394

Ratings: coach and should have pro rating officially any day now as soon as USPA processes my paperwork

Home DZ: Bounce between skydive city when I’m home in Florida and skydive crosskeys when I’m up at the naval academy




Fun Fact: I cut half my nipple off climbing an iron fence to get to Cracker Barrel right before plebe summer indoc training at the Naval Academy. It got sewn back on by a plastic surgeon so all good and got my scuba license the next day!!

Other Fun Facts:

Fav Plane - F-18 super hornet (neeeeed for speeeeed)

Fav Boogie: Freezefest at Skydive Crosskeys

Fav Drink: Miami Vice


 Bikini Jump 


 Oh Yeah 


Oh Hey


Thank You Bethany for your service and dedication to this country! Would love to get a jump with you this year but someplace warm. Until then keep up the epic work and stay safe.
Blue Skies!

Here at PussFoot we appreciate members of the armed forces. Many members of the skydive community are either active service members or veterans and we thought it would be great to honor them here on our page. We will be bringing you a bio every week of our featured "Freedom Flyers" with hopes that you learn something new and share in our appreciation of what these people do for our country.


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  • congrats Bethany. I watched you grow as a skydiver at CK . You went from baby bird to an Eagle. Continue to soar!

    William Liss
  • Congratulations to my favorite sailor. The future Admiral Greene. Astronaut, fighter pilot and fantastic person!
    Beat Navy!

    Jim Kevin Lewis
  • Congratulations to my favorite sailor. The future Admiral Greene NASA Astronaut and fighter pilot!
    Beat Navy!

    Jim Kevin Lewis
  • WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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