Skydive Cross Keys - The Guide

Cross Keys
Cross Keys is a medium size Drop zone that packs a large DZ feel. In 2016 Nadia and Pico Mazure became proud owners of this amazing Drop zone, bringing in a fresh new vibe and energy. Their passionate welcoming vibe is apparent. I suspect that there are some amazing and great things to come from this drop zone. If you are  in the north-east I recommend visiting at least once.
Drop Zone:
Skydive Cross Keys
4 Stars ****
Location: New Jersey
Address: 300 Dahlia Ave, Williamstown, NJ 08094
Phone: (856) 629-7553 
Web Site:    
Event List: See Below
You will need:
USPA card, Log Book and Reserve Card
Check In:
*You will check in at Manifest (located in the main hanger)
*You will be given a full orientation by a member of the staff
* If you have a large sum of cash and do not want to lose it, you can put it on your account at Manifest. If you need cash, go pull some out. This way it's safe!

*Gear rentals
*Team rooms
*TVs, Free wi-fi and power *Snack bar and grill, Free popcorn (located at the manifest counter)

*Outdoor swimming pool and a hot tub
*Bunkhouse, Hot showers $10.00 a night
*Basketball court
*Air-conditioned lounge (Bar, Beer fridge, comfortable chairs)
*Heckle Deck

*A Staff of Professional Packers - $7.00 per pack job. * Tip your rigger it's just nice
*There is a large fun jumper packing hanger if you choose to pack yourself.
PS, its Heated !!!!
*A membership is required at this drop Zone $5/day or $15/calendar year
(trust me it’s worth it the facility is spotless)
*Team packages and sponsorship for teams is available, please email!
*Dogs welcome (must be supervised at all times)
*Full altitude - $24.00
*Hop & Pop - $20.00 from Cessna $24 from Caravan 
*Gear Rentals - $32.00
*C-208 Super Caravan (super-fast around 10 min to full altitude)
*Cessna 182
Flying in:
The closest Airport to Skydive Cross Keys is Philadelphia International Airport
Address: 8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Code: PHL
Web Site:
        *Being this is major hub, Flights tend to be extremely reasonable
        *25.8 miles to the west it's around a 35-min drive.
        *If flying in we recommend renting a car.
 The Tug
Driving in:
“Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”
    We at Pussfoot love taking road trips. Road trips give us the opportunity to meet amazing people and visit new drop zones. Having our own car on a skydiving adventure gives us a sense of safety and an additional place to store belongings. If you are like us and are going to drive there, here are some things to know.

*Use Waze - this will route you around traffic and show you all of the police. This app should save you some time on your journey.
*If you are coming from the NE let's say New York - trust me stay on 95 unless Waze tells you to exit. Just like Mom Waze knows best!
*Do you really need to bring that? Pack light, you are still in America and can stop to get whatever you need.
*Get a BP rewards card. You will earn $ 0.10 off a gallon for every 20 you buy. * There are BP gas stations all the way down. This last trip I saved over $50.00 in fuel using one.
*Remember to take breaks, switch drivers and stay hydrated and fueled up. The most important part of any road trip is enjoying the journey, no need to rush!
Arriving at DZ:
             *You made it! Do you know where you are staying?   Do not forget to check in with Manifest when they are open so your can fill out you waiver, membership form and be given an orientation.  This DZ requires a bit more paperwork than most, plan on spending at least 10 min filling it out.
4 stars ****
*The pristine condition of these bathrooms blew my mind, they even provide poo-pourri. I had the feeling of a fancy restaurant or hotel.
Please see the Map below. There are two sets of bathrooms located at this DZ.
Bathroom A – Located in Main Hanger – (Shower) * Keep it clean don't be a slob
Bathroom B - located in-between the main hangar and Bunkhouse (showers)
*Again don't be a slob clean up after yourself.
3 stars ***
Semi Wooded, Grass field
Campfire (yes) *2 fire pits located at DZ
Cooking (yes) – A large Wood or charcoal fired Grill as well as a gas grill are available
The DZ has ample wood but you can get bundles of wood from Tractor supply located just up the road for $4.00 a bundle
Tractor Supply:
2.4 miles away
Address: 643 Cross Keys Rd, Sicklerville, NJ 08081
Food, Beer and hygiene
1.9 miles away
Address: 3501 NJ-42, Turnersville, NJ 08012
The Pool !!!!
Below you will find a map of Skydive Cross Keys.  Look for the red arrow that says Camping area. Just pull to the parking lot grab your gear and set up your tent. If it is late try to be quiet because there may be people trying to sleep.  You will also find the bathroom marked on Map.   * I have been told that people at this tent city are extremely respectful of your things. And from the people I had the pleasure of meeting I would have to say that this dz is extremely safe. There is always someone watching out for your gear.  With that being said you never know who might not be part of the Skydive Code. Take care to lock up whatever you can and be mindful of your stuff.  Need a tent and or camping supplies, don't forget that an unnamed large have it all super store is located nearby and has an unconditional 90 day return policy.
*There are several choices for hotels in the area please see below.
You do not want to miss the party !!!!
Rent a room:
We did not find anyone with a room for rent. However Cross Keys does have a large Bunk house that to me was nicely appointed. The rate is $10.00 a night. I do not think you will be disappointed. *The night life at Cross Keys is amazing, staying in the bunk house will ensure that you will not miss anything!
Snack Bar located on premises
3 stars ***
Typical Bar food with a focus on speed and quality.
Want to make load 9 and you have 40 min, well they will make sure you have eaten and get on that load. 
Other food is available within 10 mins of the DZ.
There is always food !!!!
Things to see/do:
*have something you think we should add? Please email us or comment below and we will get it up
Accurate Paintball:
On a weather hold, Accurate Paintball  is located at the rear of the Drop zone. We know you’re the king of the sky but are you the lord of war.
Address:300 Dahlia Ave Williamstown, NJ 08094
Phone: (856) 629-7509
Will cost between $40 and $50.
Located only 30 miles away you will find museums and good eats. So much to do there that I will not list it all. Below you will find a link to the Philadelphia tourism web site.
Web site:
iFly King of Prussia:
On a weather hold but still want to work on the Sky god/goddess status well located 51 miles to the west or around a 1 hr. drive. You will find one of iFlys newest tunnels.
Address: 290 Goddard Blvd, King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: (610) 595-4359
Web Site:
Tiki Bar / is that Tom Baker ;-)
Visiting different drop zones can be an intimidating process. You may be deciding to visit new spots with a friend or if you’re like me you might just be going to give it the old college try.  Chances are that you will know someone there and you might even pal around with them. Skydive Cross Keys is not one of these drop zones. From the moment, you arrive, you will find that you have instantly become family. From running into random friends from Deland (yes, I’m talking about you Mike Masters) to the new ones you will make. While Skydive Cross Keys is not my Home DZ I will consider it to be my home away from home and I cannot wait to return to fly with each and every one of the Cross Keys Family. PS, don’t forget to stick around for the late night Tug ride!!
2017 Events
Thank you for taking your time to read this guide. We try to keep all our content up to date. If you find something to be out of date or if you would like to have us add something to the Guide, please comment below or email us at
Blue Skies and please share this on Face Book
Credits: Brian Casserly


  • The article sums up Skydive Cross Keys quite nicely! Great family vibe and a lot of fun skydivers!

    Jamie's Roberts
  • Love Cross Keys! The people, the atmosphere, and the business are all top-notch! 5*

    Patrick Gillespie
  • The Happiest Drop Zone in the North East …

    Rennay Blizzard

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