About Us

Pussfoot was founded to create a worldwide community of likeminded Extreme sports enthusiasts. We found that from Skydivers to Skateboarders we all have one thing in common, a passion that drives us to be the best we can be. Pussfoot is here to unite us under one banner, one logo we can all share and be part of. So, if your rocking you Bike, Board or your Helmet feel free to fly your new flag because it belongs to you.  We have some very exciting things planned so stay tuned.  


People always ask me what is Pussfoot? What does it mean!  Well you know that moment when you’re standing at the edge of a door on jump run, about to drop into a pipe or have a hold on a rock that could give at any second? At that moment, a feeling rises from your foot, rushes to your brain and then back to your foot where it all began. At that moment, your feet no longer feel like the sturdy rocks that they are they feel like Jell-O or better yet like an octopus tentacle.  It is only a select few that can overcome this feeling or better yet embrace it and turn it in to something beautiful. Well Guys and Girls, that’s what Pussfoot is. It’s that ability to channel all your primal stress and become what you are today. So, come in look around and Be Inspired!