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Not the CLAP

Both will burn just in different ways

So you tackled the French Bread but you have nothing to dip it into. You could go to the store and get some generic hummus or meats, maybe some delicious Sopressata or liverwurst ← my personal fav… don't knock it till you try it. And trust me anything you put on the bread is going to be epic. However, if you are looking for something fun that will fill your house with some amazing smells then I got a dip for you. This is super simple and you will love it assuming that you like seafood. 


Link to Bread recipe 



What you need 


 The Stuff


24 littleneck clams - or more if you want it's your call (try to keep them small)

* the ones in my PICS are on the larger size due to covid and nothing being available in NY #notafan

1 bottle of beer (any lager is cool)

1 bottle of white wine (Wineo cheep is fine)

4 large garlic cloves minced 

1 small onion diced (I like a white onion or Spanish *keep the red one where they belong in the trash)

1 stick of butter 

1 lemon



To start, make sure you bought live clams in the shell. You will need to place all of the clams in a large pot. Once you have them in the pot put that in your sink and rinse them well.  

This will remove any nasty grime that may be on the shells. Once you have rinsed them keep all the clams in the pot and fill it with cold water. 

We need to get these bad boys to spit out all the sand out of them. * I tend to let them sit for 20 min then dump the water and restart (repeating 2 to 3 times). If you have a bucket you can leave it outside with the house running on low for 30 min and this should do the trick. 


 Clams soaking in COLD water 



1. Place the clams in the bottom of a large Pot (I use a dutch oven). 


 Again look at that third position my ballet is on point


2. Pour 4 cups of water into the pot 


 So MOIST!!!! lol

3. Add one 12 ounce beer


 I always hear Homer Simpson saying mhmm beer.

4. Add in garlic and onion 


 Good job

5. Add the zest of the lemon and then slice and toss in 


 Cause who dont like lemon

6. Pour half a bottle of white wine (keep it cheap)


 So Classy 

7. Turn stove on high and cover pot for 20 min or until the clams begin to open


  Just Put the freaking lid on and light it 

8. Once clams are open add one stick of butter and the remaining white wine


No PIC for YOU 


9. Cook for 15 more min on a low to medium heat - this will extract the flavor from the clams

10. Serve - you can serve this in the same pot you cooked them in (careful it's hot) or you can remove the clams and serve separately from the sauce. 





Dont Mess up (dont know how you could with all the pics). But if you did -

Bless Your Heart.

****Make sure your friends aren't allergic to shellfish****

Really though if you need help email us!

No matter how you serve these, they are sure to be a hit. 

You can also do these on a grill in a foil dish. Or in cast iron over a fire. I tend to make these where however I can and trust me there is never enough. Make sure you have ample bread to dip. Have fun all and remember this will end (covid), and when it does make sure to make these for all of your friends. Nothing brings people together better than food!!

And once again if you messed these up -- go sit in the corner. 

PS. if you have leftovers, place the clams in a food processor and mince. Add minced calms back to the strained sauce and store in fridge. This will keep for around a week depending on how much salt you have added. Once you are ready make some linguine and poor in the mixture. YOUR WELCOME !!!!!


Dont forget to share some pics and tag us on Insta 
Blue Skies 
 Smile, Life is amazing 


  • This is on the menu this weekend for sure
    fho sho

  • I made these Saturday
    super easy to do, smelled great and tasted even better.
    You were correct with having bread to dip
    Thank for the post

  • and you have tattoos!
    One question
    will you please marry me………………………………………….

  • made these this past weekend for my husband and kids
    amazing !!!!!!
    Thank You for putting these up

  • Thank You again. I made these last night along with your bread. super amazing
    again with your commentary lol lol


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