Brian Cooks it - Hot chilli powder


Hot chilli powder


Hot chilli powder

Prep time 1 days

Cost $5

Category: Spice 

Today's item, Hot pepper powder or what some people call the devil's dust. This is a  super easy and inexpensive seasoning you can make for yourself with none of the big box preservatives. Don't get all nervous Nancy -  if you like spicy, you are going to love this. If you hate spicy please remember that someone you know loves it and it is your duty to make this for them, just give this a try, worst case you and your friend Karen can email me and tell me I was wrong and that this  sucks. Or you and your friends will enjoy this and add it to your super secret list of good easy food to make.
If you have any questions, comments and or concerns please feel free to reach out and I will be sure to answer as soon as I can..
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 Need more food ideas


What do you need 

1 mason jar 

20+ hot peppers (I like ghost But you can use any peppers you fancy)


Food Processor 

1 tablespoon Salt

1 par of rubber gloves 

1 tight pair of leggings (guys and girls) cause they are boss 

1 PussFootOG apron - cause it will help you cook better 


 Im so right.....



And We Begin………

Wear Gloves and do not touch your face!!!!!!!!

1 Wash peppers cause you are not a slob


 so clean 


2 With a good knife and cutting board slice pepper long ways and place aside (remove stems --DO NOT  remove seeds)


 Im dead serious do not touch your face


3 Once all have been cut place in dehydrator (145 deg for 24 hrs) 


 I used three racks


4 Check the peppers every 12 hrs. We want the peppers to be completely dry. They should feel like dried leaves you find on your porch in the fall. If you can't figure it out -- i'm really not sure what else to tell ya.


 All dry and ready for grinding



Ok Ready for the fun part. 

5 While wearing a glove - Remove dry peppers from the trays and place in a bowl 


 It puts the pepper in the bowl


6 Add a few peppers at a time into a food processor on high. 


 Now blend it 


*You may feel some discomfort if you are sensitive to hot stuff, so try to do this in a well ventilated area.

7 Continue to add small amounts of the peppers until they have all been processed.

8 Add salt 

9 Pulse the processor until the blend has become a fine power

*you will have some larger fines but this is ok

10 Place in a mason jar and enjoy 


 How does your nose feel right now ?


*Feel free to add curry or garlic powder too, this is your creation so have fun

Caution depending on what peppers you used this might be intense.


Bag it up and give it to your friends 


Booo yahhh…. You just made your own hot pepper seasoning and I bet it's amazing. If you messed up well that sucks for you. Just give me a DM and i'll try to figure out where you went wrong in life. XOXO
Hope you had fun and make sure to send me pics of your messy kitchen and the finished product. If you have something you would like me to cook and post please let me know. 

Blue skies  

 Smile, Life is amazing 




  • Dude i got that small package you sent me
    OMFG this is the hottest pepper powder i have ever had
    You need to start selling it ASAP

  • OMFG I made these You are right about no touching your face and i will deff wear gloves next time
    I will say this – the hottest and tastyest pepper I have ever had
    You rock

  • Amazing
    I have been waiting for this, the last one was beyone hotttttt. I cant wait to try this one
    Thank you again for all of this

    David G

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