Brian Cooks it - Cucumber salad

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Cucumber Salad 
Prep time 00:10 min
Cost $5
Category: Side dish 


Today I wanted to share a super simple side salad that my friends and family both enjoy. It is a perfect addition to any summer BBQ or meal. Cucumber salad will only take you a few moments to put together and a perfect way to get the kids to eat some veggies.

If you mess this up you really need to rethink your choices in life.

If you have any questions, comments and or concerns please feel free to reach out and I will be sure to answer as soon as I can..

Did you sharpen your knife today?

They need love too.

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What do you need 

1 large salad bowl

2 large cucumbers

1 Tablespoon of pepper 

4 Tablespoons of  salt (yes it's a lot but trust me)

4 stalks of celery 

½ onion

3 cups of white vinegar 

1 cup of water 

1 poster of me in a speedo for your viewing pleasure 



And We Begin………


1 peel the cucumbers leaving 3 small strips of skin


 Look at it would you small strips


2 remove ends and discard 

3 Slice cucumber into ⅛ inch rounds


 So Moist I love that word


4 place in salad bowl 




1 Slice onion to your liking (I prefer bigger chunks) 


 If 2020 was a vegetable 


2 Place in salad bowl



1 French the celery (oh you don't know?) slice it longs ways 


 I love everything French


2 Dice celery to your liking (again I prefer bigger chunks) 


 Did you know that I'm God's gift


3 Place in salad bowl

Perfect your almost done and you only took 2 min to follow all of the directions above 



1 Add 4 tablespoons of salt 


 Eat right stay fit die anyway 


2 Add 1 tablespoon of ground pepper 


 Fresh Peppar LOL 


3 Pour 3 cups of white vinegar into the bowl 


 Pour it like you mean it 


4 Pour 1 cup of COLD water

Yeah im not adding a Pic of the water...

5 Mix well and enjoy.


blahh blahh blahh 




Booo yahhh…. Now go enjoy your friends and family. Or let me know and ill be right over.

You can eat this right away however I prefer to allow this to sit for around 2 hrs at a minimum. The longer you allow it to sit the more flavor it will have. I find myself making this when I go inside to grab a drink around noon. This way it is full of flavor for supper. 

I hope you enjoy as much as I do 

Hope you had fun and make sure to send me pics of your messy kitchen and the finished product 

If you are really having issues making this DM me and i'll walk you through it. However i'll laugh at you cause you couldn't make a salad, I mean really!!!


Blue skies  


 Smile, Life is amazing 



  • Made this for me and my girlfriend this weekend. Dude this was great and even better the next day!
    thank you for posting all this Covid had us pretty bored. we both love reading these. when are you going to be on TV?
    Frank D

  • This was amazing thank you for the idea
    You were slacking on this post with the comments though lol
    cant wait for the next one

  • made this last night and it was amazing. i agree to let it sit for a bit.
    thank you for all of these

  • I make this all the time. never thought to put celery in it.
    thank you for the tip
    stay classy


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