Brian Cooks it - Chicken & Cabbage

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Chicken & Cabbage


Come on in. Lets eat


Prep time 00:10 min

Cook time 00:45 min 

Cost $16.00

Feeds 5 plus with leftovers 


I love to cook, and I really love recipes that will not only feed my family but leave me with a bunch of leftovers for the next day or two. The recipe I am sharing today will for sure feed your family while leaving you will have a ton left over for fun tasty quick cooks for a day or two after. If you have a meat slicer this recipe is perfect for you - ESP if you love chicken sandwiches.  
I serve this dish with a wide variety of sides. Mac and cheese is always a hit (i'll share a super easy recipe for homemade mac that is 6000000 times better than the boxed stuff) Mashed potatoes and broccoli also goes very well with this. Don't be a Karen, use your imagination and i'm sure it will work. 
If you have any questions, comments and or concerns please feel free to reach out and I will be sure to answer as soon as I can..

Link to other fun recipes


Preheat your oven now 
375 deg fool 
That's in Mr T’s voice 

What do you need 

1 large cast iron or oven safe pan

3 or 4 large thick chick breasts (this all depends on what the local market has on hand)

1 tablespoon of ground black pepper 

1 tablespoon salt

1 packet of sazon 

½ large cabbage 

4 tablespoons of olive oil 

4 fresh garlic cloves

6 oz of beer 


And We Begin………


1 Wash and peel the outer layer of the large green cabbage 


 remove the lotion on the skin 


2 Cut the cabbage in half. (if you are making this for more than 4 people you may want to use the entire cabbage if not put away and use later for who knows) 


 this knife is $26 on amazon 


3 Slice the cabbage thin ( see the pic below, we are trying to make this look shredded; we do not want the cuts to be thick!)


 looks like you can dance 


4 Once complete place the cabbage into the bottom of the pan


 It puts the cabbage in the pan


5 Add 6 oz of a light beer

I dont think you need a pic of me pouring beer into a pan 


1 Do not wash the chicken - what is wrong with people you never wash the chicken like ever- well maybe if your drinking and dump in on the floor but nah you should not wash the chicken

2 place the chicken breasts on the cabbage - have the thickest part of the breast toward the middle of the pan (imagine a star shape) if you want to roast a garlic you can place it in the center of the star) 

* if they have skin - remove and wear it like a boss


3 lightly spread olive oil on top of each breast 

again you dont need a pic of me putting olive oil on the chicken 


*I only season the top of the breast, as the beer will only wash off the bottom anyway

1 Sprinkle sazon on top of the chicken breast - any left over can be put on the cabbage

2 Now the pepper - you should also add salt at this time 

it should look like this 

 Sazon is the best - Change my mind



*If you are roasting a garlic with this dish place it in the center of the pan

1 Cut the top of the garlic off 

2 Poor olive oil on top of the garlic 

If not....

1 slice the garlic thin (2 cloves)

2 place garlic on top of the chicken 


 It puts the garlic on the skin


3 mince the other two cloves and sprinkle over the entire dish



1 Preheat the oven to 375 

2 place the pan on the center rack 

3 cook for 45 min 

4 If using cast iron please be careful that shit is hot.. 


I love this 


Booo yahhh…. Now go enjoy your friends and family

I generally slice one breast at a time and serve the cabbage on the side.  Place the remaining chicken in the fridge. The possibilities are endless with the leftovers. As i stated if you have a meat slicer you have cold cuts. Other ideas - tacos, pasta sauce, a quick chicken and broccoli - I mean use your heads, you should have 1.5 to two breasts remaining. FOOOOOOOOOD is good for the soul. 

Sit back relax and watch your family and friends enjoy the fruits of your labor
I hope you enjoy as much as I do 
I served this with yellow rice today
Hope you had fun and make sure to send me pics of your messy kitchen and the finished product 
If you are really having issues making this DM me and i'll walk you through it. However i'll laugh at you cause you couldn't make a salad, I mean really!!!

Blue skies

 Smile more people



  • amazing and thank you for the laugh
    you really need to be on the Food Network asap
    happy 4th

  • The things I would do to you in the dark after you cooked me dinner.
    Funny and can cook I want two servings

  • hey where did you get that knife?
    also the chicken came out perfect

  • Yo yo yo
    I made this on sunday for 5 of my friends
    hell to the yeah it was amazing.. Thank you for what you are doing.
    you need a pod cast so I can laugh and choke while I eat this stuff.
    Keep up the good work

    just some guy
  • well this was easy. I even impressed my GF
    thanks for sharing these

    chris s

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