Sailing River Song - Sailing,Hiiiii and small towns

------- Sailing River Song-------
This week we are bringing you a super fun Captain and Crew all the way from Sweden. If you havent had the chance to check them out please check out the links below. Even though it colder then a witches titty they are still pumping out boat work videos and having some fun along the way. So, enjoy the video and show these amazing people some love with a like and sub.
The last Video Q&A was a hit so we are trying it again 

You can find the video below and as always, & we have included the link to their YouTube channel.

Make sure you check out their channel below




Link to YouTube Channel


 Thank you for taking some time to do this with us. Please keep the Videos coming. 
Until then stay safe, keep on keeping on and stay salty
If you have made it this far and would like to be featured on 
Please feel free to contact us and lets tell the world about you and your adventures.
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Brian Casserly 
S.V. Artemis 


  • Love this
    just gave them a sub
    thank you for sharing

  • Good stuff my man

  • I Love these Q&A’s keep them coming
    i just subscribed as well
    have a great day


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