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------- Major Payne Sailing & Scuba -------
Living their dreams the Crew of Major Payne decided to leave the North East (RI) in search of a better life and some epic adventurs at sea. To date they have made it down the cost from RI to FL, and now are planning on heading into the clear waters of the bahamas from there - on to where ever the wind and adventure takes them.
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 What's Up world 

This week we are trying somthign new. Insted of a full Photo interview, the crew of Major Payne Sailing & Scuba filmed the Q&A.


Why not try something new. 


You can find the video below and as always, & we have included the link to their YouTube channel.

Make sure you check out their channel 




Link to YouTube Channel




 Thank you for taking some time to do this with us. Please keep inspiring us to get out and see the world not only from above the water but also below.
Until then stay safe, keep on keeping on and stay salty
If you have made it this far and would like to be featured on 
Please feel free to contact us and lets tell the world about you and your adventures.
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Brian Casserly 
S.V. Artemis 
Incase you want it 


  • Great Q&A just subscribed

  • Amazing
    I love these

  • I love this. It’s about time you added water to the page.
    Going to go sub right now

  • great video
    Love that you are branching out
    I will deff go give them a sub.
    PS great photo Brian -— you have issues and I love it


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