Lunatic Fringe with Kevin Boorom

The Lunatic Fringe
On this edition of Lunatic Fringe, Dean takes a back seat and give his tired stories a rest while Mr Brian Casserly takes over the hot seat to talk all things skydiving with his Pussfoot cohort and load organizer Kevin Boorom.  From which boogies have the most ridiculous parties, to just how many jumps you need to have before you can go out and have fun with them, Brian and Kevin get down to a proper bonfire session to cover all the things that have drawn them to the Lunatic Fringe.\
Super Stoked to be helping out on this amazing Podcast 
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Ready Set Go 
Our FIRST episode ( Yes we owe BEER ) 

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  • Dude i Loved this – and how did i not know about this pod cast
    cant wait for the next one


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