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Howdy all, 
I super stoked to bring you a small Interview I was able to get with Ron from Wicked Thumb Electro Cycles.
With so many choices in the E-Bike world today, I invite you to have a look at the revolutionary designs that WT is creating. From the moment I discovered this company, I have been dreaming about owing one for myself. 
Cruising through New York at 30 mph on one of these badboys - YES PLEASE
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Insta: @wickedthumb
First things First below you will find some specs on the McQueen 750. 
so you can expect 

28 Mph top speed, 35-45 miles range.  Pedal assist or throttle

Full Specs located at the bottom of the page


When did Wicked Thumb start and what was the driving factor?

I’ve been a Harley rider for 20 years.  Outside my family, It’s my number one love.  Have been in all 50 states on my bike (Hawaii was a rental).  I realize that 99% of people will not ride a motorcycle in their life, but 90% will ride a bike.  So, I wanted to bring some of the excitement of cruising with your buddies to the masses.  I also wanted to bring an aging Harley rider demographic back to riding bikes - sharing that rider experience with friends and family, while at the same time bringing the outdoor, environmental and health benefits of pedaling a bike back to a primarily get in the car, sit on the couch or twist a throttle mentality.  For many of those riders, it may be the gateway drug to owning a motorcycle in the future.  

Business wise, The seed was planted in 2017, but it was 2019 before it seemed the US market was ready for what we wanted to do.   We started converting some of your major brand cruiser bikes, up cycling them with new moving parts and mid-drive motors, and it quickly turned into specing out a production bike. We want to be the ebike for the anti-ebike crowd and we know just how to change their minds.  


The McQueen 750 rocking some Ape Hangers



Where is Wicked Thumb Located?

Our home base is here in Denton, Texas. We love it over here.  Great town.   We’re  about 40 miles north of Downtown Dallas and Forth Worth.  


Full heads up display


Tell me a bit about Wicked Thumb's demographic rider.

A Wicked Thumb Army member is unique.  There is no age target here.  A rider is all ages at some point in their life.  They may or may not ride currently, but the seed is planted.  They own or  imagine a future owning a Wicked Thumb bike and very likely a motorcycle. They maybe, just maybe appreciate a new toy, a smooth whisky, craft beer, fine cigar or coffee break at 4:20 every day.  They love adventure, rock n roll and shooting the shit with a complete stranger. 
They work hard, play harder and demand individuality and quality.  They don’t want something as personal as their bike to be generic like a kitchen appliance.  Pride of ownership, love of the looks they give and get are undeniable. Their ownership experience is way more fulfilling than a mass market ebike owner.  They will also take care of their bike, personalize it and will ride with us all the way down whatever road we decide to take tomorrow.  


Style is one thing this bike is NOT lacking


Where do you see Wicked Thumb in 5 years?

Shit.  5 Years?  I have a hard time thinking past the next 15 minutes.  Let’s talk about the next year or two!  We’ll have some great updates and new colors for our current bikes for 2022, a really badass expansion in our accessory line and we’ll be rolling out a new design in 2022.  And I wouldn’t trust Wick, our spirit animal.  That thumbing devil may have a couple of aces up his sleeve that he’s not ready to tell you about just yet. 


What projects would Wicked Thumb like to complete in the next year?

The two biggest goals for us are to greatly expand our Parts & Accessory line and to have a prototype done and tested to begin building our first US Manufactured Bike in calendar year 2022.  We also want to bolster our content.  I think everyone is going to be ready to get out this spring and summer and ride a bike after all of the shit the world has plugged through the past year and we want to bolster their overall experience in doing so.  


My God just look at it 



What is your fav WT bike and why?

I love them all.  I would say each custom we do that I have to sit there and look at and say goodbye to way too early, would be my favorite.  I love how our customers will look at different bikes and call us or email and ask to do different looks from different bikes, so there’s constantly something new.  I’m easily attached to my bikes and I look at everything that goes out of here as mine.  Ask anyone up here If there’s ever a bike we finish that I don’t say ’That thing is so sick!’  Never happens.  True story.  


Fully custom, Flames anyone?



So what's a day like at Wicked Thumb?

Our work day is very different depending where in the cycle we are.  The E-bike industry is so supply constrained right now that we have had a hard time getting into a consistent work day.  It’s all cycle driven.  We have a great team throughout.  When we’re preparing a container to go, it’s late nights with our production and freight teams.  Once it leaves, it’s really all about marketing, advertising, content, preselling and dealer networking.  Once the container arrives, it’s balls to the walls for 30 days of long productive days trying to get everything QC’d, customized and shipped out.  Then it’s kind of chilled out where we can do the fun stuff like full custom builds, work on product development, etc.  Then another 30-60 days later the cycle repeats.  On the chill days, we’re here early so we can finish up early and do fun stuff like riding around town, cooking out and tossing a few cold ones down with our neighbors and fellow WT Army members.  


So would you fo Hanger or Cruiser 



Tell me alittle bit about your customer service at Wicked Thumb.

The main thing for Wicked Thumb is that we are our customer personified  Who wants to spend 3-5K just to end up spending negative energy worrying about their bike.  We want to be stoked and proud of how awesome our bikes are.  This is the exact mentality every one of our customers also has.  So going back to what I said earlier - I set the tone here and I look at every bike that goes out of here as my personal bike.  Having said that, things happen despite our efforts to make sure that bike is perfect when it leaves.  Could be shipping, could be a part that malfunctions, could be something that was missed.  etc. All are rare, but when they happen we don’t want people sitting around worrying about it or developing a bad taste in their mouth.  We have a grounded idea of the quality and service we demand from brands and products we patronize and we use the ol Golden Rule Philosophy.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  If you’re not stoked about your bike, we’re not living up to our mission.  



Rat Rod anyone my goodness


Can people come and get a test ride? 

Of course. Give us a shout!  888-531-9311 or visit wickedthumb.com and send us a message.  We’re not a traditional retail shop, but we always keep some cool demo bikes here and you can contact us to schedule a time to visit the shop.  Come check the bikes out, take it for a spin with one of our team members and have a cold beverage afterwards!  




Tech Specs



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BATTERY: 48V, 17.5 Ah (840 Wh) rated for 600-800 charge cyclesHUB

MOTOR: 750W Bafang brushless geared rear hub motor - 80 Nm torque, 5:1 planetary gear reduction

CONTROLLER: 48V, 25amp

PEDAL ASSIST: Configurable 5-9 level pedal assist with sealed 12 magnet cadence sensor

DISPLAY: 3.8” color LCD Display w/ USB Port

CHARGER: 48V, 3 Amp WT intellicharger, 110v


Front: 6.5” LED headlight - 48V Hi/Lo Beam Function 400 lumens w/optional lens guard

Rear: Independent dry battery taillight

RANGE: 35-45+ miles per charge (estimate)

THROTTLE: Right side twist throttle

FRAME: 6061 Aircraft Aluminum Fat Hydroformed Tube, with CNC machined top tube

FRONT END: Rigid Steel, Triple-Tree, Chopper style

TIRES: 26” x 4.0”, 5-20PSI, Black Sand or Street option, Whitewall street premium 

BRAKES: Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc 

DERAILLEUR: 7-speed Shimano Altus




MOTOR WEIGHT: 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)

FRAME SIZE: 19.75 in (50.16 cm)

STANCE: 1.75” Seat Tube, 25.25” Reach, 27.25” Stand Over Height, 34” Minimum Saddle Height, 30.25” Width, 83” Length




Make sure to go check out all of the photos on the Wicked Thumb Website and give them a follow on Instagram. I can not wait to see what they will come up next 

Thank You Ron for for taking time out of your busy day to chat with me. 

You truly are an artist. 

Brian Casserly


  • Was your problem ever resolved?

  • I would not recommend this bike to anyone who want a reliable ride. It weighs so much that if the electric motor goes out that you will be walking the bike, not pedaling. Also the bike will cut off if you try to use the electric motor. I have had the bike cut off every single time I have ridden it and that’s 100 miles so far. Its embarrassing that I have to fall behind because the motor is “overloaded”. Crock of Sh*t. Not a good purchase for reliability

  • Hi John, You need to click on the link to Wicked Thumb

  • Didnt see any price point

    John Williams

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