Wheeltalk - What you do matters!

OneWheel Riders unite ! 
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What you do matters! #Realtalk! Live with intention. Your attitude = your ability. My speech is about being the best you. Every little action sets you up for tomorrow. Be a good person and watch your self live a good life. Success is slow and boring but worth it. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks right? Do what ever it takes to get a head. 
Love they neighbor and be a blessing to those around you. It feels good to belp people. Try helping some random person today. Put positive vibes into society. Be the best you all the time. How you do one thing is how you do everything. The days are long but the years are short so live with intention. Being the best is all in your intentions. Do everything with maximum attitude and effort and watch your life change in a positive direction! #Wheeltalk and #Realtalk 
#Wheeltalk show a beautiful sunrise in Miami and gorgeous views off the cliffs of Duluth, MN. We finish the video on the might Mississippi river showing you some Trumpeter Swans. 
Guest star #G5 shares some smiles at the end.
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    Nicholas Goursky

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