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On one of my adventures skydiving down south a few years back I found myself intrigued over this strang device. Rather strange it only had one wheel, yet it seemed to float like nothing I have ever seen before in my life. Funny side note, one of the people I was traveling with decided to take it for a ride without permission. Yes in hindsight it was wrong however it started the strange addiction I have come to know.

Bored some random Sunday night after this trip, I happened on to one of the super random facebook ads. You know the ones that pop up cause our phones are not spying on us. It was for the Future Motion OneWheel XR. No matter what I did to my phone every day I would receive no less than 10 to 15 ads for this unit. I know now that it was fate lol. 


The adds forced on me all day 


Using Klarna I bought my XR, even though my brain really had no choice due to the drugs that FB and Insta were putting into my head, I'm still not mad about the score. So, what am I getting at? Well im hooked on anything Electric, and I just can't seem to stop wanting more and more. The ads just keep coming and my weak mind cant say no, all it wants to do is ride and go fast. I will day this, no matter where I wonder, I do find masses of onewheels. Making me feel better about the choices that the interweb made for me. But i'll dig into that at a later time. 

One extra tip I will give you about having a OW. Go out and get a scooter as well! I don't know how many times I have had friends and family over and still want to go for a ride. Even though the internet made me buy mine there are people out in the world without one. Rather than teach them how to ride yours, just put them on the scooter and go have fun. My scooter was purchased for my daughters but I find that my friends are on it more and more.


What to buy 


The XR with its tank like construction and crazy long range 


The Pint small and nimble and light weight for when the battery dies 6 miles in


If you ask me the choice is simple unless money is the true factor. However I will say if it is money - do try to hold out and return some more bottles and cans. Trust me you want the range, so hold out and save up. Did I mention Klarna (0% interest if you catch it on the right day)



Oh My, there are so many choices and I can not will not get into all of them 

When I bought mine I just looked at weight and range. I bought a RollGood from a shop in NYC for $380. That scooter today is now $800 (we got it on the pre sale). Don't be afraid to buy something brand new or something on a pre sale. I have had no issues and with my fat 200lb +  friends on it we get around 12 mile range and 15mph - with my 80lb daughter we get well over 20 miles and 25mph +.


Nope not today I  just don't have the time 


Yes the question at hand.

Now that the internet is making me buy an Ebike, I'm feeling so confused. Do I want style, Range, durability, price or do I want it to ship fast?

All of these factors brought me to one bike, The Cheetah. I mean its so fucking cool looking and its got everythign I want and need right? Wrong my friends, Soon after making the choice to buy it, the Facebook had to toss a wrench into my feeble mind-- The Super73 S2.

Super73 S2

OMG it is so sharp and I fell in love right away. Both have a similar price point, both can be bought with Klarna (if you know where to shop) both have the range and the durability. However, only one screamed ride me, ride me to the bar, ride me to the park, ride me here there, ride me everywhere. So I ordered the Super73 S2. But FML I have no idea when it will ship, so now all I can do is watch videos and dream. I am not going to lie, I am thinking about canceling my order and going for the Cheetah. I could have that bike in a week and be off into the sunset in no time. The choices are killing me. 

The Cheetah

Everyone has a different eye, and one thing I know about people is we are all unique in what we like. So please, I beg you to leave a comment and tell me what you're into. Is it performance, style, price, range or anything you want. Should i cancel my super73 order? 

Without Facebook telling me what to do I'm lost. So help a guy out.


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  • I bought a Super73 been waiting for like ever. I just want to ride, I hope I made the right choice by not cancleing my order been weeks and weeks
    anyway thank you for the write up made me feel a bit better about the wait

    Davis F

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