Wingsuit V.S. High Pull - Near Miss

High Pull and Wingsuit nearly collide 

Please take a moment to read below before you watch the video. This video is here to help you avoid a similar situation.  Please keep your negative comments to your self. we have all found our self in a bad spot. 

Thank You Polina for sharing!!

Blue Skies !!!!


This was a perfect storm of small mistakes adding up to something nearly killing me. I am never letting a high puller jump after me again when I'm wingsuiting.

1) There was very little planning and communication prior to the jump

2) Most of the wingsuiters were not aware the high puller planned to pull at 10.5

3)The base of the flock was a little to close to the flight path of the plane.

4)The plane turned.

5) The high puller didn't wait long enough to be clear of the wingsuiters.  He was not even aware of how long he should wait.


There are arguments that say that high pullers should be last but a canopy can't catch up to the plane a wingsuit can. Wingsuiters have a lot of control in free fall but at the moment of canopy deployment there is not much you can do.



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  • Which is why high pulls get out last. They all should be grounded for this shit. It’s both the wingsuit era and high pullers fault for not communicating and choosing the proper exit order.


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