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Its been a crazy year over at PussFoot. From building content geared toward the jumper on the move to building our new website, as well as traveling to as many Drop-zones as possible. With the new site just a few weeks away from launching we wanted to reach out and let all of you know that we want to hear from you.
Do you have a story that you want to share? How about a scenario or situation that you think people might learn from? Have an event or Dropzone that you would like to promote Or maybe you just want to publish something that you have written and don't know when to turn.
If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, feel free to reach out to us on FB or email. Once our new site is launched we will have a submit your story feature as well.

Be Heard 

Whats required?

1-Before you submit, please make sure you have pictures to go along with your article.

Pictures should be high res 1600x1000 or higher ( most cell phones shoot in this resolution so make sure to email them in full resolution.)

2- Please make sure to include as many details esp if the article is regarding a specific event. ( organizers, benefactors, location, dates and cost.)

3- If you are a Dropzone submitting for DZ of the week or just want to share something about your facility. Please include Pics ( please see above for resolution ), aircraft and pricing.

So if you want to be heard, please make sure to contact us, and we will make it happen!

Blue Skies,


  • My dog sky dives. ?

    Wayne Guerin
  • I am the course director for the Women’s Skydivjng Leadership Network (WSLN) and I am currently working to promote USPA coach and tandem courses being offered to women. We have thousands in grants that we are giving away as scholarship to help promote female leadership within the sport. Let me know if you have time to discuss further. :)

    Angie Aragon

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