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With so many choices on where and how to get training in the skydiving community, it can become tiresome trying to figure out who to train with. PussFoot has decided to start doing some of the research for you. We will highlight schools from around the country and give some ideas as to who, what, where, why and when you are able to get some stellar training.

This week we bring you Superior Flight Solutions. Greg Windmiller and Matt Leonard are nothing less then qualified to give you some pointers. Superior Flight Solutions training and advice can be the difference between trying and succeeding. The school will be holding plenty of courses in 2018 from the US to Europe, make sure to check the calendar link below for locations and dates. For those of you are not familiar with Greg and Matt we have some of their stats below.  

Mission Statement

Superior Flight Solutions LLC is dedicated to bringing industry leading coaching and knowledge to both the civilian skydiving world and to the special operations military free fall community.

A veteran owned and operated company

Greg Windmiller

Jumps: 15,300

Home DZ: Skydive Paraclete XP

Main Canopies: PD Peregrine 75, 79 & Valkyrie 96, 90

Reserve Canopies: Optimum 126, 143

Container: Sunpath Javelin

AAD: Airtec Changeable mode Cypres

Altimeter: Alti-2 Atlas

Training Aids: Fly Sight

USPA Master license in Skydiving

USPA Static line Jumpmaster

Accelerated Freefall Instructor

Tandem Course Director

UPT Tandem Instructor/Examiner

Professional Exhibition Rating

National Judge rating

International Bodyflight wind tunnel Instructor

12 state records in canopy piloting speed and distance

7 national records in speed and distance

5 world records in Canopy Piloting Speed

6 time U.S. National Champion

12 time USPA US National team member

18 FAI world level medals from world championships, world cups and CISM competing in 4-way formation skydiving and canopy piloting

32 USPA U.S. Nationals medals from canopy piloting, style and accuracy and sport accuracy

100+ regional medals from competing in 4-way formation skydiving, 8-way formation skydiving, style and accuracy and canopy piloting.

Matt Leonard

Jumps: 3000+

Home DZ: Skydive New England, Lebanon ME

Main Canopies: PD Peregrine 64/67 & Valkyrie 75

Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 126

Container: Sunpath Javelin

AAD: Airtec Speed Cypres

Training Aids: Fly Sight


FLCPA Meet 1 - 3rd Zone Accuracy (Advanced)

FLCPA Meet 4 - 2nd Overall (Advanced)

USPA Advanced Overall Canopy Piloting Champion (3rd in distance, 2nd in Speed, 1st in Zone Accuracy)

NECPL Meet 1 - 4th Overall


NECPL Meet 1 - 3rd in Zone Accuracy

NECPL Meet 2 - 2nd Overall

NECPL Meet 3 - 1st Overall


FLCPA Meet 2 - 4th Overall


Price: $160











Training calendar:


If you would like to schedule a course at your home DZ, please have your DZ management contact Superior Flight Solutions.


"I've taken Greg's course twice, for my B-License and again because I was learning how to build speed on landing. Each time I walked away with new skills and more knowledge about how canopies work. Very soon after that first course I had two incidents where his lessons kept me out of situations that could have easily left me in an ambulance or worse. Greg can convey concepts related to the physics of a canopy to anyone from baby jumpers to swoopers. He takes the time to explain why things happen to the canopy and how it interacts with the air; it's made me more aware of my environment and safer as a result. Also, as a fellow veteran, I was happy to see that, while his personality shows his military background, he doesn't have a stiff instructor attitude some expect. He's affable and fun while maintaining that Army confidence that encourages students to trust him as a mentor. So, yeah, if you can take his course: do it! I certainly will."
    - Zej Mski, Skydive Crosskeys
"During my progression in the sport of skydiving I have had the incredible opportunity of working with Matt Leonard in group settings and one on one canopy coaching. Matt’s coaching has allowed me to efficiently progress in the discipline of canopy piloting, while maintaining safety as the highest priority. Matt’s ability to simplify canopy theory and adapt to any pilots needs and goals, is unparalleled, and the reason I look forward to Superior Flight Solutions canopy courses. Whatever your goals may be, this course will make you a more confident, safe, and capable pilot under your wing!"
-Jimmy Forde, Jumptown Orange, MA


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