The "PussFoot" Jersey Pre Sale

Pre-Sale ended 

But you can still get the Jersey in our store

Check back soon for more epic sales 

Whats up world. Over the last few months we had printed a few of the PussFoot Monster shirts, the response was amazing.  Originally made just for our team, I was not planning on releasing them to the general public. However we have been receiving a mass amount of emails and texts from the community asking to buy them.  So, here you go.
$28.00 each
+standard shipping
The meaning 
If you have read the about us section of the site you should know that PussFoot stands for the ability to conquer your fears and become an inspiration to yourself and create something beautiful with in your soul. 
this jersey shows the monster that lives within all of us testing the waters and beating the fear demons. 
This is a pre sale and it will run until the 13th of December (5 days)  so no orders will be submitted to the manufacture until the sale is over. once it is over and submitted the shirts will take 2 weeks to arrive at out facility then they will be shipped out. 
You can expect them within the first two weeks of January. 
Follow the link below to order 
Blue skies !!!!

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  • I would like a lrg.

    Chad Clabough

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