The Mandi Ward Project TSK #402

The Mandi Ward Project
Mandi Ward TSK Member #402
Pussfoot is on its first mission to help spread awareness for this wonderful family. Mandi Ward, is one of us a Skydiver and sky Goddess as well and a Mother of three wonderful small children. Please do Pussfoot and Heartup Nation a Favor, please look at her Go Fund me page. If it is not in your ability to donate to Mandi's fund, please at least give it a share! Let’s help her out and het this to go Viral
We are Skydivers and we take care of our own !
                          Mandi shredding

 "Hello, my name is Mandi. I am a 32-year-old mom with 3 amazing children. They are my reason I ask for your help. Almost three years ago, I began battling an intense stabbing stomach pain. After two years of begging doctors to take me serious I moved to Florida for a second opinion. Tada! Mass in my left kidney. Soon after I had half my kidney removed. And I enjoyed a wonderful four months of no pain.......and the cancer came back with force. The cancer is now in my remaining left kidney, lung, and thyroid. Options - 1. Keep doing what’s not working (surgery/chemo/drugs) Already in debt for 30,000...... 2. A three-week outpatient treatment in Mexico with clinically tested and proven remission cases. 3. Die. (Never!) Current treatment - wait and see (western medicine) My home treatment - Daily Yoga, removed all dairy, sugar, and protein from my diet, 20 Chinese herbs capsules, NO PAIN MEDICATION, Rick Simpson Oil, laughter, love, adventure. and skydiving. Repayment of all donations will be made! Please leave your name so I can give back what I borrowed. Much love world."
All sales through January, Pussfoot will donate10% of proceeds to Mandi Ward Project
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  • Thank you so much for helping us. I am so amazed at how the sky family unites. Much love! Air Hug!! ❤❤❤❤❤???

    Mandi Ward

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