Indoor Skydiving, The good, bad and ugly of Tunnel Parenting From the Dad’s Perspective

Many of you have heard of a stage mom/dad or cheer mom/dad but have you ever put any thought as to what it's like to be a tunnel mom/dad. As a little tunnel rats father, I have had the opportunity to meet many little flyers and their parents. Having one common factor, our kids are bad ass, no matter what level they fly at.  Yes, you child might play baseball or be on a dance team and yes, they might be amazing. But our children Fly and play ball and dance in the wind. Fearless children with one thing in common a lust for excitement and thrills. We at PussFoot will be bringing you some amazing story's regarding indoor skydiving and the people and families across the globe that are involved.


The good, bad and ugly of Tunnel Parenting

From the Dad's Perspective

The Kennett's

As a retired skydiver, it was always a dream of mine that one day, I'd get to share the love of the sport with one of my children.  I miss the flying of course, but even more so, I miss the camaraderie of the "family".  The expansive representation of just about every walk of life is what truly made the sport such an amazing experience, along with the fact that everyone was there to have fun.  So, now, I have a daughter who has fallen in love with tunnel flying and is starting to get exposed to that aspect of human body flight - meeting, making friends with and flying with people worldwide.  However, what has taken me by surprise though is the "parenting" side of tunnel flying.

The good:  Having an offspring that can fly is such a treat.  The feeling of getting in tunnel and literally flying with my children is indescribable.  Seeing her meet people and make friends worldwide is an amazing blessing.  She doesn't realize what lifelong relationships she is already forming.  Very cool to observe.  Being able to be around very happy people that love to fly is a bonus for me as well.

Sydney and Amy Watson 

The bad:  It is honestly tough that my daughter flies circles around me hahaha.  I'm a bit (ok, maybe more than a bit) competitive so that is definitely a "check your ego" or "I used to be cool" type of thing.  It is more comical than "bad" but there is a small part of me that is secretly jealous, (smiling).

Sydney and Preston Drake

Andrew Kennett 

Below you will find a video of Andrew's Daughter Sydney Kennett, flying her heart out. if you would like to see more of Sydney and her amazing indoor skydiving skills, you can find her social media tags at the bottom of this page. 



Face Book -Sydney Kennett 

Instagram - tunnelgirl24_sydney 


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