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Every spring something amazing happens. Drop zones in the northeast re-open their doors and thousands of people come to make their first skydive. Some of those first timers catch the skydive fever and return to take the AFF course. In Gardiner NY at Skydive the Ranch, they call these people the Ranch Rookies. In 2016 something different happened. These eager and new skydivers earned themselves a different name and became something amazing.  They grabbed our attention here at Pussfoot by promoting unity, safety, and a good time vibe in the air and on the ground. We decided to bring their story to you.

Team GreenHorn Members @ the first annual TGH Boogie at Skydive The Ranch


Team GreenHorn Explained - Hannah Chorman / GreenHorn Member /

What is Team GreenHorn and how do I join?” This question has been asked by many of the 2016 rookie skydivers of The Ranch in NY. Well, long story short…Team GreenHorn is the result of a bit of stupidity and joking around the student flight planning table. But this joke decided it wanted to become an actuality and as more people asked about TGH, it became apparent to us that it was going to grow into something more. One joke morphed into a group that gained over 50 members in its first true introduction to the skydiving world at the TSK boogie at The Ranch.

Team GreenHorn Members at the 2016 TSK Boogie @ Skydive the Ranch

Team GreenHorn is simply this: A group of likeminded people who are dedicated to spreading knowledge, safety and community amongst Rookie and Legend skydivers alike. To be a member of Team GreenHorn, a person must only be comfortable in the knowledge that no matter how much of a sky ninja they become they will always be a rookie at heart. Greenhorn’s are never too good to receive knowledge from others or pass it on to those in need. Team GreenHorn came out of a truly unique and amazing group of individuals over the summer and will hopefully continue to spread throughout the coming years."

Hannah & Rahul - Co Founders of Team GreenHorn


I must tell you, Team GreenHorn is no joke. This is a group of passionate people who have one thing in common.  A love for their sport and of each other.  Whether you are a beginner or pro and you have passion for skydiving then this may just be the group for you. Greenhorn’s are group of skydivers that love to party and love life.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Team, please reach out to Hannah Chorman or Rahul Narode @ And if you do join don’t forget to Tag @pussfootOG in your Inspiring Pic’s as we would love to post you up on the wall. Blue Skies and be safe.

Team GreenHorn Members @ The Blacklight boogie at Skydive Sebastian


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Nick Legname, Brian Casserly

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