Solstice Boogie: An Epic Adventure in An Epic Place

**Video reel below**

Working for PussFoot has warranted me the opportunity to travel across America visiting drop zone after drop zone and attend many of the worlds best boogies. When I heard that I had the opportunity to visit Alaska and attend the Solstice Boogie located at the Alaska Skydive Center, I was all ears.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than weather and wildlife.  That alone really got me excited. In my mind, no matter how this Boogie is, I would still be in Alaska that last frontier and would make the best of it.

Arriving in the land of eternal sunshine was a blast to all my senses. It had been a 14-hr. flight and yet I was still wired. Nothing could have prepared me for the days to come. Five days of complete joy and excitement. From the people to the organizers I could not believe that the level of talent and amazing people has invaded such a small town 50 miles north of Anchorage Alaska.  

You can check out the video we assembled of the event here:

Understand that to me being used to large DropZones I could not fathom the sheer volume of rad that occupied such a quaint DropZone. From the town people excited to welcome such a unique bunch of people, to the scenery, it was all amazing. I mean I got to jump out of a helicopter onto an ancient glacier (come on how many times in our lives can we say we got to do that).

Looking back on my life I will remember being on the plane home looking out the window, at that moment I could see the high-water mark on my sky carrier. I can only hope to chase this dragon back to Alaska for the upcoming season.

Blue Skies Alaska!!!!

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  • looks great please let me know the dayes for next years as i can save my cash to come over all the best Tom

    tom kenny

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