Skydiving safety - 5 safety tips in & around a skydiving plane



PussFoot is super stoked to bring you a fresh video from Catherine Bernier of Skydive Vibes.  Skydive Vibes is a Canadian based skydive Vlog company that produces a weekly skydiver based video that really hits home.  I hope you enjoy Catherine’s videos as much as we do. For more from Skydive Vibes and Catherine make sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel listed below. 

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Catherine Bernier is a skydiver based in Quebec, Canada and in order to go through the off-season while staying connected to her sport, she decided to start a brand new YouTube channel all about skydiving. From tips & tricks videos to interviews & gear reviews the channel brings a fresh place for skydivers to find useful information to become better & safer skydivers.

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We talk a lot about skydiving safety in freefall or under canopy, but what about the safety in & around an airplane?


Here are 5 safety tips we will discuss in this video:
#1 - Safety around the plane
#2 - Getting on the plane
#3 - Belt on
#4 - Weight & Balance - Load Distribution
#5 - Emergency Exits



Keep jumping and be safe! 

Disclaimer: This video is designed to provide useful information about skydiving. That being said, whatever information you find about skydiving on the internet, including on this website, should always be discussed and counter-verified with a certified instructor from your skydiving association, your dropzone and/or a rigger. 


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