Skydiving Gear Review - Larsen & Brusgaard - Viso II+ Altimeter

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Skydiving Gear Review - Larsen & Brusgaard - Viso II+ Altimeter


The Viso II+ from Larsen & Brusgaard is one of the most popular digital altimeter among skydivers. This was my personal first choice when I decided to go digital.

Although transitioning from analog to digital needs to be done slowly to get used to the digits and not only the needle position, the benefit of having a better precision in your landing pattern is a big plus as you progress in the sport!

Here is my personal review of this altimeter:

The Viso II+:

  • Can be found in 18 different colors
  • Has a wide LCD screen
  • Has a backlight
  • Comes with batteries (2x CR-2325)
  • Is a digital altimeter, speed-meter & logbook
  • Is water resistant
  • Has multiple options of mounts (hand, wrist chest…)
  • And more!


Let us know in the comments if you do have one and what you like about it!


About the Author: 

Catherine Bernier is a skydiver based in Quebec, Canada and in order to go through the off-season while staying connected to her sport, she decided to start a brand new YouTube channel all about skydiving. From tips & tricks videos to interviews & gear reviews the channel brings a fresh place for skydivers to find useful information to become better & safer skydivers.

Check out the channel right here:


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