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PussFoot is super stoked to bring you a fresh video from Catherine Bernier of Skydive Vibes.  Skydive Vibes is a Canadian based skydive Vlog company that produces a weekly skydiver based video that really hits home.  I hope you enjoy Catherine’s videos as much as we do. For more from Skydive Vibes and Catherine make sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel listed below. 

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What is a MARD, RSL or Skyhook? How can they save your life?

First, what is an RSL? A RSL is a reserve static line – a line attached from one of your departing malfunctioned main canopy’s risers to your reserve pin. When you cutaway from a malfunctioning main, a RSL should pull your reserve pin (usually faster than you can pull the reserve handle yourself) and initiate the reserve deployment.


So then, what is a Skyhook? A skyhook is a MARD – a Main Assisted Reserve Deployment System. It is different from a RSL in two ways.


Here is the explanation from UPT:

A skyhook automatically releases the non-RSL riser in case the RSL riser was released prematurely (ensuring your reserve will not deploy with half your main still attached). The Skyhook then uses your departing malfunctioned main canopy as a super pilot chute to deploy your reserve canopy, taking about ½ second from breakaway to line stretch (reserve canopy out of the bag).


Let’s explain how those systems work:


Keep jumping and be safe!


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Catherine Bernier is a skydiver based in Quebec, Canada and in order to go through the off-season while staying connected to her sport, she decided to start a brand new YouTube channel all about skydiving. From tips & tricks videos to interviews & gear reviews the channel brings a fresh place for skydivers to find useful information to become better & safer skydivers.

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