Skydiving Exits - 5 cool ideas for skydivers (Did you try them?)

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PussFoot is super stoked to bring you a fresh video from Catherine Bernier of Skydive Vibes.  Skydive Vibes is a Canadian based skydive Vlog company that produces a weekly skydiver based video that really hits home.  I hope you enjoy Catherine’s videos as much as we do. For more from Skydive Vibes and Catherine make sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel listed below. 


Catherine Bernier is a skydiver based in Quebec, Canada and in order to go through the off-season while staying connected to her sport, she decided to start a brand new YouTube channel all about skydiving. From tips & tricks videos to interviews & gear reviews the channel brings a fresh place for skydivers to find useful information to become better & safer skydivers.

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Skydiving Exits - 5 cool ideas for skydivers (Did you try them?)


We, skydivers, love to push the limits when jumping. Here is a list of 5 skydiving exits to try!

Skydiving exits are really the best part of a skydive. After discussing with some fellow skydivers, here is a list of 5 exits to try when you are a skydiver!


Keep jumping and let us know if you ever tried those!

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