SKYDIVER IN NEED: Help Arthur Leroy Recover


Arthur (Art) Leroy

Meet Arthur (Art) Leroy -- an instructor, coach, and videographer at such amazing dropzones as Skydive Crosskeys and Delmarva.   

Art has had an accident and suffered a serious set of injuries while participating in one of skydivings favorite boogie events, TSK.

Personally speaking, one of the members of the PussFoot team got the chance to train with Art and his guidance & instruction was critical to their success in acquiring their A-License.  

We as a community need to support Art and help him on his road to recovery.  His knowledge, leadership, and careful instruction have helped many of us earn our wings, and it is now time we help him gets his wings back. 

To donate to Art's medical expenses please visit this YOUCARING page:

Please visit the link and give your support, we have.  

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