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Free Candy, Puppy's and Stuff.


Whats up world? Its almost summer and PussFoot wants to feature you. With the summer comes travel and epic road trips. So, tell us where you are going and how you are going. Do you have a Van or truck or even just a cool camping spread? Well we want to show the community what you have and how you built it or obtained it.
This is not a contest but rather a way to show others how you get your travel on. And hopefully inspire others to do the same.

What we need from you.


Showing off your ride

Tell us about the vehicle.

How long have you had it?

How long did it take to build it?

What inspired you?

Make sure to send in a ton of pics ( we need one 1600x1000)

Show off your DropZone home. ( RV or Tent ) 



Tell us a bit about the build.

What inspired you?

And Make sure to include pics of your homestead. ( 1- 1600x1000 is needed all other can be varying sizes)  

If you are highlighting a Trip we need some details.



Trip destination?

How you are getting there?

Where you are staying?

Who you are with ( make sure to include your friends)?

Pictures -- 1- 1600x1000 all others can be of varying size


If you built it or planned it. you deserve to show it off, please make sure to contact us, and we will make it happen!

Blue Skies,



  • We’re full time in our van for the summer. Traveling coast to coast in Canada with our Yorkie and climbing lots. We’re in a ford transit we built out ourselves. It took us about a month or two working on it whenever weather allowed. Our Instagram is @theyorkieandthevan. We have a website as well which documents our journey.

  • Hi I’d like to participate.

    Ryan redfoot

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