Premature Deployment - Have you seen my shoe?

So you are about to have a two way exit. Your adrenaline is pumping and you know this jump is going to be epic. The light turns green you spot the DZ, OUT IN OUT.  Most times this is all we need to fulfill that need for something more in life that most miss out on. In most cases the jump goes as planned, we land, we smile and we go again. What happens when that exit does not go as planned, what if the sky gods have something else in mind for us?



The Video below shows two experienced jumpers, experiencing a freak event. To this day we do not know what occurred. The best guess is they rubbed or got intertwined with his hacky or pin. It is crucial that you are mindful of all of your surroundings and potential hazards. When leaving the plane linked make sure you have taken the time to dirt dive and go over your exit plan.  Try to leave separation if and when possible and always know your partner's experience level.

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  • Quick thinking, don’t know if I would have thought of it! Survival of the fittest.


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