Pre Sale !!!!!!! The "Robert" jersey - All Green Yellow and Strange --Ended 8/31/20

Sale has ended 
dont worry this jersey will be available in the next two weeks in our store 
we also have two more designs to drop this september, so check back soon 
Blue skies 

Howdy all we are super stoked to bring you some new gear! its been a long road to finally find a manufacture that is able to provide quality and standard sizing. With that we are running a pre sale on the Robert. -- Dont like it no sweat, we have 3 new designs coming out this season and will run a pre sale on each of them.  Keep checking back for more pre sales in September.

This Pre sale is for the "Robert"  $25 yup that's right !! 

You all know him, and now you have the change to look just like him if that's what you want lol.  All Green Yellow and Strange.



If you look close you will see its not a fancy photo



Price $25 

Presale - 7/17/20 - 8/31/20 

once the pre sale is complete we will submit order and will take ten days or so, to have ready to ship 

You all have been asking for more jersey's, well here is one of many new designs. 

The "Robert" jersey 

The Robert has been getting a lot of attention this season with its vibrant colors and unique material. 

We don't use fancy photos cause it keeps your prices down low...

we have changed manufactures and have added a new size chart for reference 

Please check the sizing chart prior to order!!!!

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  • Make it expire in the first of September. Gotta get paid first!


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