My Pussfoot Moment: 3 Questions with Steve Barahona


Meet Steve Barahona, one of our Pussfoot athletes.  Just like any of you reading this Steve has had his moments of absolute fear and absolute achievement. It's his ability to power through it and achieve the unthinkable that makes him one of our athletes. So we wanted to share more about his journey to epic through the "My Pussfoot moment" 3 questions:


What Drove you to start skydiving?

I would have to say my mother drove me into skydiving. I did my first tandem in Cuba thanks to her. She basically dared me then called me a pussy for thinking about it instead of saying hell yeah! 

What would you say was your most stressful moment skydiving?

The most stressful time I have ever had skydiving would have to be my 10th solo jump where I decided to dress as a slutty nurse for a Halloween jump. Everything went according to plan until I began to spin out of control. The only thing I could think off waste headline on the paper tomorrow if this was it for me. "Firefighter/Paramedic crossdresser dies as slutty nurse skydiving! That single thought helped me go into a cannonball and stabilize back on belly and pull. God bless fear of embarrassing death


Steve what do you feel is your most accomplished moment to day skydiving?

This year I got to travel a lot and accomplish a lot skydiving so it's hard to pick one thing. Between jumping into the blue hole in Belize then a seaplane over islands in Bocas del Toro Panama to doing a Halo jump in California and jumping dressed as a penguin over Alaska. I honestly cannot pick one but I will say all the jumps I've done has allowed me to meet some amazing skydivers and made a lot of new friends which I'd have to say is really the highlight of all the trips


We hope you enjoyed this little interview with Steve. If you have a Pussfoot moment or would just like to share a story please feel free to email us at

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