My Pussfoot Moment: 3 Questions with Nikki Blakeslee

Meet Nikki Blakeslee, one of the most positive athletes we have had the chance to meet.  Just like any of you reading this Nikki has had her moments of absolute fear and absolute achievement. It's her ability to power through it and achieve the unthinkable that makes her so special. So we wanted to share more about her journey to epic through the "My PussFoot moment" 3 questions:


Nikki Always Smiling

What drove you to start skydiving?


"I had been working as a Radiographer in Owensboro, KY for a few years and was ready for an adventure.  During a going away party for my friend, a guy walks in and says, "I can't believe none of you guys will go on a skydive."  My jaw dropped.   I asked, "Do you mean like leaving a plane in the air and flying a parachute to the ground??"  I thought this was just something for military or stunt people or spy's.  As soon as I realized it was something I could do, I couldn't get to the plane fast enough. "

What would you say was your most stressful moment skydiving?


"Easily the most stressful moments of skydiving are when the skies are friendly and I can't afford a lift ticket.  Haha….  I've had some scares in my career.  One in particular scared me enough to give me reflection.   But after that jump, I knew what I enjoyed about life.  It was two weeks later that I quit my job at the hospital to find work at a drop zone (skydiving center) in Florida.  That's when I found an opportunity working for iFly.  Whenever I feel stressed or scared, I try to tell myself...  growing takes some pain and the unknown is scary.  But it's always rewarding to the brave adventurers who are willing to charge on anyways."


Nikki & Ryan Casserly JFJ 2017


What do you feel is your most accomplished moment to date skydiving?


"I committed myself to living and working solely at a drop zone this summer.  I have spent almost 4 months at Skydance in Davis, CA.  I walked in and asked if there was any room on the packing mat.  The Drop Zone had just undergone a change in owners, and it was exciting to be a part of this new generation for Skydance.  But, life on the packing mat is no easy job.  At the end of every day, my hands and body ached and left me exhausted.  But, I was learning so much more about rigs and coaching.  I have been getting more work coaching new students, but my big goal is to get my Tandem Rating."



We hope you enjoyed this little interview with Nikki. If you have a PussFoot moment or would just like to share a story please feel free to email us at

Thank You Nikki for taking the time to talk to us.


  • It is such an honor to be a featured athlete by Pussfoot! Through the challenges I face, I’m always inspired by the people around me.
    Since this interview, I moved back to Florida and am now working full time as an AFF and Tandem instructor.
    When I meet amazing people like Ryan, I am inspired. I know that with enough hard work, I can accomplish the most impossible goals. I want to thank Ryan for being one of my amazing Sparks of inspiration though this amazing journey.

    Nikki Blakeslee
  • So proud of you girlie! You’ve gone so far since we worked together at Springs. You’re such a phenomenal lady. I was very blessed to have had a moment in your wonderful life. Take care!

    Kelly Casteel Coburn
  • Very proud of you Honey!

    Rick Blakkeslee

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