My Pussfoot Moment: 3 Questions with Mike Byrnes

Meet Mike Byrnes, one of our Pussfoot athletes.   Just like any of you reading this MIke has had his moments of absolute fear and absolute achievement.   It's his ability to power through it and achieve the unthinkable that makes him one of our atheletes. So we wanted to share more about his journey to epic through the "My Pussfoot moment" 3 questions:

What Drove you to start skydiving? 


" what drove me to start skydiving? Hmm,  I would say the want to overcome my fear of heights. what better was to conquer a fear then to face it head on! once I tasted the rush I was hooked."

Mike BASE Jumping in Utah

What would you say was your most stressful moment skydiving? 


" I would have to say that it was on my second cut away. I was on a routine Hop n Pop or better yet call it a Hop n Chop.  Pulling right into a major line twist on my Stiletto 107, it was like nothing I have ever felt and hope I will never again. The line set was so jammed up I was violently spun and shook like a doll.  Two deep breaths and it was right into (not today) you got this Mike. needless to say I am still alive and got right back in the plane and went for a hop and pop." 

Skydive the Ranch 2017

Mike what do you feel is your most accomplished moment to day skydiving? 


" I'm still unsure about this. almost ten years in this amazing sport and I feel that there is still so many amazing left to conquer. However if I had to choose one accomplishment that stands out, I would say when I started to fly a sub-100 square foot canopy. yes sir I was defiantly pretty stoked about that. "


we hope you enjoyed this little interview with Mike. if you have a Pussfoot moment or would just like to share a story please feel free to email us at.
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