My Pussfoot Moment: 3 Questions with Eric Normandin

Meet Eric Normandin, one of our Pussfoot athletes.  Just like any of you reading this Eric has had his moments of absolute fear and absolute achievement. It's his ability to power through it and achieve the unthinkable that makes him one of our athletes. So we wanted to share more about his journey to epic through the "My Pussfoot moment" 3 questions:


What drove you to start skydiving? 


"My first skydive was done as part of an MWR, Moral Welfare and Recreation, trip in 2003 while I was in the NAVY in Pensacola FL, it was at emerald coast skydiving in Mississippi. I went with an older gentleman who had very long gray hair, never wore shoes and smelled a little. It was out of a C182 a work horse in skydiving. I had a good time however I definitely didn't have the bug yet. After I was stationed in Hawaii and returning from a deployment to the Middle East I had accumulated some money... What to do with it? I wanted to learn to do something, Skydive Hawaii was offering a deal to veterans for AFF. I decided that was my best choice. When I left the NAVY I started College at SUNY Plattsburgh to become a history teacher and all my friends from high school who had never left had Masters degrees and were having trouble finding jobs. So my junior year I dropped out and started full time skydiving."


What would you say was your most stressful moment skydiving? 


"I would say it was anytime I was taking or teaching family. I guess it changes when now you not only feel responsible for someone else but their family is yours and now those people are going to hold you accountable outside of the community."



What do you feel is your most accomplished moment to date skydiving?


"I have worked hard to prove to myself my abilities in this sport. I was definitely not one of the naturals. Some people just walk in and can fly.... I wasn't one of them. I have figured it out though. Now this feeling that I really have impacted this sport in the long term. I have taught people who became instructors themselves and passed down knowledge and now I am teaching people to teach people how to skydive. It's great to think the knowledge I have passed down is continuing and I have an effect on these baby skydivers."   

 Teaching one of our own


We hope you enjoyed this little interview with Eric. If you have a Pussfoot moment or would just like to share a story please feel free to email us at

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