My Pussfoot Moment: 3 Questions with Anthony Sounders

Meet Anthony Sounders, one of our Pussfoot athletes.  Just like any of you reading this Anthony has had his moments of absolute fear and absolute achievement. It's his ability to power through it and achieve the unthinkable that makes him one of our athletes. So we wanted to share more about his journey to epic through the "My Pussfoot moment" 3 questions:

What Drove you to start skydiving?


"Let me start with, Skydiving was something I always said I would do, knowing that I probably would never do it. And then I met this girl, her and her friends were going and I had to act like some badass and told her I wanted to go so pretty much invited myself, because there was no way I was going to let these chicks make me look like a sissy. So, we went and when my feet touched the ground I truly felt the meaning of being alive, in love and oddly enough pretty turned on and that had nothing to do with the crazy British guy that I just so happened to be strapped to." 

                            Spaceland FL #fuckjason

What would you say was your most stressful moment skydiving?


"My most stressful moment skydiving had to be one of my first coach jumps. I was working with a buddy of mine and he wanted to practice side slides. The jump started off like any other we did some side slides and everything was fine. At break off (which was 5500ft) I watched him track away and he reached back to pull. I watched his arm come back to a neutral position and nothing came out. So by now I'm getting pretty worried. He goes for a second attempt at around 3200ft and he roles onto his back. So now I'm really freaking out. My audible started going off at 2500ft and he still has nothing out. So, by 2000 I pitch and watch him as my canopy starts to deploy and just a second after my canopy opens I watch his reserve deploy, thank God for AADs."

Heli Jump FL

Anthony what do you feel is your most accomplished moment to date skydiving?


"My most accomplished moment so far hmm... that's a tough one. There has been so many great things that have happened and it's really hard to pin point one single moment. But that summer solstice boogie in Alaska definitely has to be up there. I never expected to go to Alaska yet alone skydive there. But this year I did! But every time I step foot in a jump plane, and everyone makes it to the ground safely without being hurt or dying is a pretty great accomplishment in my book. I call that winning all day."

Anthony Alaska Solstice Boogie 2017



We hope you enjoyed this little interview with Mike. If you have a Pussfoot moment or would just like to share a story please feel free to email us at.
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  • Enjoy reading your articles and information on past and upcoming events. Keep it up im following. I am new to skydiving so i am enjoy any and all information given. COOL STUFF – JXW2

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