My First Tandem - What should I expect

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I am ready for my first skydive! For the last few weeks I have been trolling the internet looking for a good source of information, as to what I should expect for my first skydive. Needless to say I am not able to find to much info for the new kid on the block such as my self. Finding the Pussfoot web site and seeing your Q&A made me thing to write in and ask you. 
So, wanted to ask - what should I expect, and is there anything I can do to make the day more enjoyable and safe.
Thank You 
Welcome to the sky Pat!
So glad you decided to take the first step in becoming a skydiver; education.  In skydiving, we have a governing body called USPA or The United States Parachute Associate.  They have a wealth of knowledge online beginning from your first jump, through your initial license all the way through becoming a PRO Rated Skydiver.  Utilize their website to find a group member dropzone in your area and visit them.  Ask for a drop zone tour and to meet their staff.  Being comfortable with the staff you're entrusting your life to is essential.  USPA also has their own YouTube page providing a wealth of information on subjects to include canopy piloting, sport jumping, tandem training and more!
I hope you've found this helpful and can't wait to hear about your first jump!  Blue skies!

Editor's note:

HI Pat,

Your first skydive can be a stressful experience. However when done you will have found yourself a lifestyle that cannot be matched. From the people that will guide you through your journey, to the countless first experiences you will have. Nothing in the world is as amazing and safe as skydiving. Take your time and relax you will have the time of your life. If you and or anyone else you know are looking for locations or advice feel free to email the box again. I will personally respond and get you started. Blue Skies


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