Mirage announces "Young Aliens mentoring program"

We just caught wind of a brand new program that Mirage Systems Inc. is bringing to market. Mirage has decided to sponsor or more like mentor, some of the best tunnel kids around the globe. So what does this mean? By recruiting these kids now Mirage has just insured that they will have some of the nastiest shredders in the sky, in a matter of only a few years. I would think this program is going to explode into something epic. Kudos to you Mirage for taking the lead and believing in these amazing children. Not to mention that we all could use some feel good news these days. Kids working with Professional skydivers = GOOD NEWS.  We will keep you all posted as more details emerge in the following weeks.

Press Release below 

For Immediate Release

Leading Manufacturer of Skydiving Harness & Containers

Mirage Systems Announces The Launch of Youth Athlete Mentoring Program

Young Aliens mentoring program to help inspire love

for the sport of skydiving among youth athletes.


March 29, 2018

DeLand, FL – Mirage Systems, a leading manufacturer of custom skydiving harness and container systems announced today the launch of their youth athlete mentoring program called “Young Aliens”. The program will identify and encourage up and comers in the relatively new sport of competitive tunnel flying.

“Our vision for Young Aliens is all about encouraging the next generation of the sport of Skydiving.” says Mirage Systems. “We understand the heart of skydivers; we build products every day that help people achieve their dream of human flight and we want the youth of tomorrow to know that as an industry, we want to help them transition from tunnel flying to really flying.”

Each sponsored athlete will have access to Mirage Systems sponsored athletes for mentorship and education. They will be featured through social media channels and through the worldwide reach of the Mirage network to promote the exciting sport of tunnel flying and skydiving to youth worldwide. In addition, Mirage will assist the athletes with their equipment once they are ready to make the transition from the tunnel to skydiving.

“Being so involved in the sport, we wanted to do something to reach youth in a constructive and purposeful way.” says Mirage Systems. “Many of our current sponsored athletes are at the highest levels of the sport and are inspiring many people in the fun jumper community. We know there are a lot of youth out there that are interested in the sport of skydiving but don’t know how to get involved. We want to be at the forefront of that effort.”

The Young Aliens Youth Mentoring Program will be selecting athletes to sponsor in the coming weeks and months. Mirage will be announcing their Young Aliens through social media and further media announcements. For more information about Young Alien sponsorship opportunities or to follow the athletes, please follow Mirage Systems on Facebook, Instagram, and through their website.

Mirage Systems, Inc. is based in the heart of skydiving country in DeLand, Florida. They are one of the leading manufacturers of harness and container systems for the skydiving and base-wingsuiting communities worldwide. Their rigs are used by some of the top professional skydivers in the world. To learn more about their products and services, please visit their website at www.miragesys.com



If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mirage                  at 386-740-9222 or email at info@miragesys.com.

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