Logan Sliger (*Skydiver in Need*)

One of the greatest benefits of being a skydiver is the fact that we all support each other in times of need. From injury's to break ups someone is always there to help. Being part of this "Sky-family" is in my opinion the greatest aspect of our culture.


A Member of our family is in need. Logan Sliger, is not only a Skydiver but a Tunnel coach at New York's iFly Westchester and Military Veteran. I implore you to please take a moment and read Logan's story.

On 8/8/17 Logan was walking home from the train station after work when he was brutally attacked and seriously injured by a mugger. Logan was stabbed three times in a senseless act of violence. If not for the quick actions of some witnesses, Logan might not have survived the attack.  Currently Logan is in being treated in an ICU located in NYC, he is in serious but stable condition and is in need of your help.

More Details can be found on bellows link

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For more information of Logan or his condition please feel free to send us an inquiry on our contact us page. If you would like to send him a message we will also pass one along.

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