Jumper Alert -Skydive Sussex discounted Jump Tickets !!!!!!

PussFoot is always keeping our eyes open for amazing deals across the community. and this one is hard to pass up! 

If you are in the New York / New Jersey Area or looking to travel and send it with a bunch of jumps, make sure to check out Skydive Sussex. Up until safety day they are offering a discount deals on fun jumper tickets. 

As a Skydiver any savings is worth it. 

The Deal 

Save $1 per jump if you buy 10 

Save $2 per jump if you buy 25 

Save $3 per jump if you buy 50 

Save $4 per jump if you buy 100 

These Tickets are good until you use them!! However you must buy them before safety day!


Location: 55 County Rd 639, Sussex, NJ 07461

Phone: (973) 702-7000





 Got Ya Again!!


Have Fun and Blue Skies!!



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