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Our first skydive, we can all remember how it all began. Where we were our mind set even the smell of the air that day. however not all of have had the chance to write it down. Meet John Walsh, one of the most genuine people i have ever had the chance to meet. John has become part of the PussFoot crew coming to a few boogies and on some adventures.

We asked John to write down some words that take us from his first jump to his A license. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do. we expect big things from John and will bring you updates from time to time. so without further ado please see below.

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 My Skydiving experience

By John Walsh 

SNE skydive of New England, in Lebanon Maine, is where I started skydiving. SNE is where I did my 1st tandem jump. When I first started being curious about jumping, was when I went to Hampton Beach, In New Hampshire, at a Seafood festival.I always wanted to experience jumping over the ocean, looking down upon the beautiful waters and land. I decided to explore the skydiving, at the end of summer, in 2016. I went to SNE alone, I wasn’t waiting on anyone to join me, because I would have never made it happen, relying on a partner to join. I completed a tandem jump, with a gentleman named, Bun Bun. (That was his nickname) Bun Bun, was an awesome man, who raised my expectations about the whole skydiving ordeal.
 Student Status ahh the good old days 


I can honestly say, Bun Bun was responsible for me, continuing my path with skydiving. I’ve always wanted to skydive, but I never thought about pursuing it. When I embraced the atmosphere, and the camaraderie, it brought me to a certain place, that made me feel like this is supposed to be part of my life. That is what gave me the ambition and drive to complete an AFF course with a full 25 jumps.

As I was completing my 25 jumps, I also was working full-time, as an apprentice electrician. I was going to school part-time, to gain my journeyman’s license. With all of this on my schedule, I still found time to drive limos, on the weekends.

I would drive 3 or 4 days a week, from Boston to Maine, with a three- hour window, to make my jumps.  Overwhelmed or not, my goal was to complete all the jumps, that I needed to. I felt as if, nothing can stop me now, and nothing did.

Every time I went up to Maine, I always seemed to meet someone new, who taught and showed me different techniques and strategies. I can proudly say, I met a lot of genuine people, who I can now call my friends. I can say, they were genuinely kind and supportive of all the new jumpers, not just myself. They made this experience feel right and unforgettable.

          All smiles 

The year was coming to an end, for SNE, and I was five jumps short from completing my licenses. With that said, I was very focused and dedicated to make this happen.

This summer, I was reading a lot of articles, that I was researching on social networks, about skydiving. I came across a blog, written by a gentleman named, Brian. The website I found the Blog on was, Pussfoot.com. Pussfoot wrote on a present skydiver, named Anthony. I was very interested on what Anthony has written, and impressed. I decided to contact Anthony, after reading his Blog post on PussFoot.

I was curious to hear his experiences, so I sent him a friend request on Facebook. He accepted my request and now I was able to send him a personal message. I told him I enjoyed his article and his videos. After he responded to my message, I was astounded at how nice he was; to share with me his experiences, along with knowledgeable information. Anthony invited me to make an appearance in New York, at Fly the Ranch. I accepted the invite and drove to meet Anthony and the Pussfoot crew members. I had a great time, the whole weekend, never a dull moment!

 TSK Boogie @ The Ranch 2017

"The Pussfoot guys, were so inviting with the camaraderie and genuine friendly demeanor's, made my trip priceless."


On my journey, I took a trip to Phoenix with the Pussfoot crew. When we were there, I completed my 25th jump, along with completing my check dive.  I also completed my 4 solos, written exam and received my A licenses.

 That View @ SDPX 

It was an exhilarating feeling and a solid defeat. I finally accomplished, something I always longed to do. It was an inspiration to my soul, to achieve this lifetime goal. I was blessed to make this happen, with a group of genuine, good bunch of ladies and gentlemen.

Skydive Phoenix PussFoot Invasion October 2017

"I can now call them all my friends!  These authentic group of friends, past, previous and present, made it an extraordinary experience."


Blue Skies ! 

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