It's a Boy!!! - And his name is ...........

Howdy all, PussFoot had a baby!! Well not really a baby - but a battle hardened badass warrior sloth from the depths of the galaxy. 
Problem was that we dont know what to name him. 
So, we decided to run a contest in order to allow one of you to name him.
We received a ton of suggestions and all of them were good 
as his family grows we will be using some of the suggestions 
the people that suggested the other names we use for his kids will receive a free jersey as well. 
So The Winner 
Karen Yohe 
Karen we will reach out once the first designs are done for your sizing

And his name is Sully 

We are just getting back to a sense of normal, with all this Covid stuff.
So please stand by as we get the designs done for the sloth series
Blue Skies 

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