Interview with Marc Hogue of Skydive Phoenix  

Each opportunity to jump is a blessing and it is the drop zone owners that work tirelessly to give us this gift. Meet Marc Hogue & operator of Skydive Phoenix  -- home of the Alien Octopus Invasion.  PussFoot has a magnetic relationship with Marc and his staff, visiting at least twice a year. If you have the chance make sure to swing by, I'm sure you will not be disappointed

How did you become interested in skydiving? When did you start?

I have always been interested in skydiving.  When I was a child, my grandfather took me to Lake Elsinore to watch the skydivers in the 70's.  I think it is the aspect of flying thru the air and controlling our bodies and our parachutes that I love about this sport.  I learned to skydive when I was in the Marines in 1986. 

What was your inspiration or motivation to start a Dropzone?

My grandfather told me to find a job that I enjoyed and make it my life's work, then the money would eventually come. Well he was right on the first account.  However, running a DZ is frustrating and endless work, but the reward is you do get to work with great people and create a family that is like none other. The sport is full of fun, loving, and passionate people.  Cultivating that aspect is a lot of fun.

What is your most memorable moment as a skydiver?

Nix White and I did a Down plane into Lincoln Financial Field for the Army vs Navy Game with the President and Commandant of the Marine Corps watching, as well as some very good skydiving friends.  Also, I took Ann Curry on a tandem live on the today show in 2000.


What is your favorite part of owing a Dropzone?

Flying, building, and cultivating the people and personalities in an effort to build a new home and new environment for my skydiving family.

What is your least favorite part of owning a Dropzone?

Taking a huge financial and liability risk with so little control.  People landing out, helmets coming off and landing in people yards, airplane crashes, instructors or student skydivers making mistakes that threaten the business.  You as the owner have little oversight or responsibility for but there are so many instances in such a libelous society we have today.


What's next for your Dropzone? 

More grass in the landing area, full time turbine, improve customer service, and continue to make the customer feel special and part of the dropzone community.


Any advice for someone looking to start a Dropzone? 

Don't start your own, but buy an already established dropzone. Starting a dropzone is an expensive education.

Do you have any advice for a new skydiver?

Go SLOW.  Listen to all of your instructors - even after the time you are a student.  I constantly see people pushing to go faster and then it pains me to see them sit out of the sport for 6 months to a year or never come back just because they wanted to go a little faster to look cooler.


Do you have any advice for anyone looking to progress in this sport?

Same advice as above, but with a lot of travel and conferences.  I don't see many skydivers at the PIA or rigging conventions, but they should be more curious and have a healthy thirst for knowledge.  They should learn and understand the gear inside and out. Go to every professional seminar or education opportunity you can. Learn, meet, and grow, but progress and excel in the sport slowly and safely.

What sets you apart from other Dropzone?

Nothing. We are just a group of people that like to jump out of airplanes safely and pass on those lessons learned to the next generation of skydivers, while continuing to grow our skydiving family and friends in the process. We have the advantage of having a private airport that allows us to create this environment with least possible interference from outside organizations (i.e. city, county, state government).  But in the end, we all have the same goal - we want to jump, have fun, and build a community of likeminded individuals.

If you were a drink what would you be and why?  

Anyone who knows me well, will know that I always have two drinks in my hand - a beer and the other a fruity cocktail  typically RVB (Red Bull Vodka)  only after the beer light is on off course!

just missing the fruity one 

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