Hurricane Factory Tatralandia: The Tunnel Rats Guide to the Global Indoor Skydiving Scene

One month ago, I left everything I had in the US and decided to travel the world to advance my skydiving career.   What drove that decision was the realization of how many scenes, outside of my home scene, existed and could help me continue to grow my career/advance my skills.  

It is because of this that I have decided to build a monthly guide to the amazing, and foreign scenes that exist around the world through The "Tunnel Rats" Guide to the Global Indoor Skydiving Scene

First to be profiled in this series is a tunnel I discovered when I made my move: Hurricane Factory Tatralandia in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia.

Hurricane Factory Indoor Skydiving

This tunnel and its location are AMAZEBALLS! Nestled in the Tatra Mountain range this place has everything you could ever want.

Tatra Mountain Range SlovakiaImage from Tatra Mountain Range Courtesy of

Let's start with the tunnel…
It is 14ft round glass design with air quality is really good and super fast. The instructors are friendly and super good flyers.  I flew most of my time with Ales, he’s an incredible flyer and awesome dude, but they are all good. The cafe and bar have a couple snacks and plenty of drink options including alcohol. This place has a great community for local flyers and plenty of space to sprawl out and chill. Team rooms, Showers, great atmosphere and a sweet view of the mountains.

Hurricane Factory Tatralandia
Hurricane Factory Tatralandia
The Area…
Liptovsky Mikulas is a small city a few hours north of Bratislava and a few hours shy of the border of Poland. It sits right on this massive lake so there is plenty of water activities to do in the summer. They have a couple drop zones in the warmer seasons as well. Plenty of spots for paragliding, speed flying/riding and in the winter there are a bunch of super nice ski mountains here with plenty of resort life including spas, shopping, restaurants and this really cool indoor/outdoor aqua park with surfing wave, saunas and thermal pools.

As an American, this place is super cheap relatively, and that means more tunnel training!

Tunnel time- 450euro per hour + 120euro for coaching
Average meal- 4euro
3 hours spa access- 20euro
Accommodation- 10euro-100euro per night
Day pass at bouldering room- 1euro50

So if you’re looking for high quality & affordable tunnel time at a great facility or just looking to escape and get into the outdoors this place has it all!!!

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