HER HER F*CK HER - A 1 Year Anniversary in Skydiving

Today was the day it all began....

One year ago today, I became addicted to the greatest, most adrenalin pumping sport in the world. It had been something I always talked about doing, THEN I became pregnant and couldn't do it. But today was the day I finally did it & made my first tandem skydive in NY at Skydive CNY.

I was up visiting my family in NY shortly after I delivered my daughter, and we were eating breakfast at the airport (as the do these breakfast gatherings on Sundays called “Flying Breakfasts”) when I saw the “Skydive CNY” signs around the airport. 

It’s like it was meant to be. Signs on the doors, on the hangers, instructors walking around with the t-shirts on… It was basically calling my name.

So of course, I had to talk my parents into jumping too. We went a couple days later and did them all together. It was amazing. The adrenalin rush was crazy. Being able to see the Fingerlakes under free fall, controlling the canopy... everything (well, except for the instructor constantly hitting on me).

Since August 17th, 2016, I have made 150 jumps between Skydive CNY, Skydive City in Zhills, and Alaska Skydive Center. I have been to over 6 dropzones jumping. I have done approximately 2 hours in the tunnel. I am about to embark on a trip this weekend to Kpow in Washington to jump and do tunnel in Seattle.

This sport truly becomes a part of who you are. For some people, it just becomes a check mark on their bucket list… but for others, it becomes a lifestyle.

Blue skies and thanks to everyone who helped me along the way in my first year of the sky family. 

-Kristin Little

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