Helmets - Did you see that wing?

If your like me you wear a helmet. All my friends are always asking - "Brian, why wear a helmet? Not like it is going to save your life if you hit the ground."  The truth is I could only ever reply, I wear one to keep the wind out of my face or keep warm when its cold.  Just a few weeks ago I was on a trip with a few friends. During a head down exit a good friend hit the wing on his way out. Well this was a wake up call! The video below will show you just why we should always wear helmets. Had Anthony not had on his Cookie G3, I believe that jump might of been his last. From head strikes on the plane, mid air collisions or landing out in a tree a helmet it a must. Be smart and jump with protection.

Hope you enjoy the clip below.

Blue Skies! 


Thank you to Steve Barahona & Anthony Souders

 And Thank you To Cookie Composites for keeping my friend alive !!!! 


  • Helmet saved my head when I went through trees…. although I still got a concussion from being rattled around I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if a helmet wasn’t worn

  • First off, it looks like his rig took the most of the impact from that collision when watching the slow motion. His head hit secondary, definetly not hard enough to kill him, and probably not hard enough to knock him out of his had no helmet.

    Secondly, a G3 does fuck all for protection. It’s literally a thin layer of plastic with another shitty layer of padding for comfort, not protection. Don’t get me wrong, I like skydiving in mine and maybe it would slightly distribute and impact but it won’t do shit in a real impact.

    Daniel Ristow
  • You’re.

    Also, helmets can save you from death or a more serious injury if you are in a plane crash; are inside a plane that stalls or otherwise displaces dramatically and slams you around; hit your head on the door frame exiting, have a freefall collision with another jumper; have a canopy collision with another jumper; land hard due to malfunction or pilot error; fall backwards (forwards or sideways) on an otherwise normal landing; or are struck by a following jumper just after you’ve landed.

    They further make nice places to hold audible altimeters and stick cameras to.

    Your face looks nicer in photos without the wind blast; and when you start losing your hair, they nicely hide your thinning, balding spots.

  • It’s a PAC bro, you have to take hd exits at a 45 to the relative wind cause of the low wing. It’s not an otter with a high wing. Or backfly the exit until you drop below the wing then huck it.


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