“Getting to know your Mirage” An up close and personal interview with the exclusive G4

We recently had a chance to visit and talk with the people of Mirage Systems. And we were more than impressed with the passion that the employees of this company put into their product. If you ever get a chance to visit the showroom in Deland I promise that you'll be awestruck with the amount of product they have to view.  And did you know that Mirage offers more stock rigs than any other container company in the world, just check out their web site under stock. That means if you find a rig on their site, you could have it in only a few weeks!!

Now, if only your rig could talk about the things it has seen or the places it has been, what would it say?  We asked Mirage this question and they provided!!! Have some fun and take a look below. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.




“Getting to know your Mirage”

A up close and personal interview with the exclusive G4.


The Rig the myth the legend  


Q: Tell us what it’s like in Area 51?

A: As you know we’re very private about that, but it is where I was born so it’s pretty special.  All of our technology comes from there.

  Just some of the gear to be seen 

Q: How many Mirage’s are there?

A: There are about 15,000 of us but we are a remarkably close family. We’re built one at a time and each of us has a unique serial number so we can be easily identified.


Q: Who’s the toughest?

A: We're all built rugged. It's tough to say who's the strongest. Probably my bigger brothers, the RTS Student Rigs.


Q: Who’s the craziest?

A: The wild child in our family?  We all love to have fun, but the W-Series takes it a step further for sure.  They're not allowed on the top bunks at home anymore because they jump off of them in the middle of the night.

  This is my Rig there are many like it but this one is mine 

Q: Are you afraid of heights?

A: Love 'em! I've been jumping off of things ever since I can remember.


Q: What type of values were you taught as a young rig?

A: The Aliens teach us the importance of loyalty.  You've got to be willing to put yourself between your owner and the tarmac if needed.  Nothing is more important than loyalty to your owner.

  Ahhhh YUMMMM !!

Q: How do you handle your fame?

A: It’s not all glory you know... we’ve got to be able to handle ugly landings, bad packers, grabbing in the door.. "not the handles buddy", funnels, off heading openings, and AAD fires. It's all part of the job.


Q: Anything else we should know about you?

A: I was also taught that as long as I was handling my responsibilities then I could go ahead and have as much fun as I like.  Life is an adventure - you've got to get out there!

 "Get your gear ready and book your trips. Explore, Live and love"


Q: What one thing would you like your owner to know?

A: Don’t put me in the trunk! That place gives me the creeps.

 Trunks are bad MMM KAY 



I hope you enjoyed getting into the mind of a G4. If you are interested in owning one for yourself or just want to get more info on any of the products that Mirage has to offer, check out the links below.

Until next time Blue Skies!!

Stock: https://miragesys.com/product-category/stock-products/

Main: https://miragesys.com/


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