Fun jumper Alert: The 2nd Annual Point Break Boogie


The 2nd Annual Point Break Boogie, will be August 7th-9th, 2020. If you look at the attendance list on the FB page than you know this is a boogie not to be missed (even if it rains we have the beach). From the incredible views to the insane contests and organizers. Located only minuets from beach you will not be able to find any excuses not to come out and join in on all of the fun. 

Last years was beyond amazing and I know this year is going to be even better. 

PussFoot will be on site organizing some fun games in the sky. Make sure to swing by and party with us.


WhereSkydive Coastal Carolinas 

Address -  4019 Long Beach Rd SE, Southport, NC 28461

Phone - (910) 457-1039

When - August 7th-9th



FB Event


Early Registration -  $75.00 preregistration is now until 6/05/2020
-Point Break jersey + 1 LIFT TICKET come with preregistration only.
Bulk tickets are only being sold during registration! Don't miss out!!







What are you waiting for --- Register now !!!!



1 Caravan

1 King Air

2 Cessna 182 


Friday: Organized jumps all day PussFoot Stuff, Beach Jumps, ending with the PussFoot Hit and chug!

Dead Presidents party

Live Band and BBQ 

Location DZ

Saturday: Organized jumps all day, team swoop & chug, Beach Party with transportation nightly shenanigans - stay posted! 
 Beach Party at Turtle with a DJ 

End of Storm Beach party 

Location: The Turtle 

Sunday- shake off that hangover and jump mofo !!!!




War Child - nah he in jail 



Brian Casserly - Zoo Dives 

 Little Spoon 


Jeramy Cosner

 Big Spoon

Kevin Boorom - Free fly and fun 

 Kittens and stuff 


Tyler Clarke - Free Hugs 

 So much sunshine


Chasen McCook - Wing Suit 


 Like a Bird


Vito Basso - Facial Hair and tickles 


 mustache rides


Mike Daniel - I dont have his picture :-(

Get FB you sill LO you 

More to come ( we will update as soon as we know) -- and im sure they are fun 



Xtremeform Active wear:

Ouragan Sport:


God --- Yup He Approves ---- FB not available just Pray 

More to come we will update as soon as we know


The Fun 



Beach Jumps
Swoop and chug 
Hit and Chug - with trophy By PussFoot
Bear Drop - think you have the skills to hit a target from 1k - By PussFoot
Beach Ball Run 
Weather hold fun 
Dodge ball 
Slip and slide
Drag Races
Blind packing 
Kissing booth 
Drinking with Brian - Thats a given ********



Oh did I mention everyone gets laid 




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