Fun Jumper Alert: Birthday Boogie @Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

Boogie alert


See Below for full Boogie details

Full DZ Guide located at the bottom of post !!!


Kevin Purdy, let it slip that we'll have a special gift for the first 50 who it NOW!!!

Registration: $35 include event t-shirt / $25 if you don't want a t-shirt

2nd Plane


Burgers and dogs on the grill all day and FREE Pizza N beer Saturday Night


Sky Custom Hydrographics 

will have a booth so bring your go pros and helmets for dipping 


Grins and giggles and great memories and fun you'll have...Priceless!


This April, People from all over the country will descend on to Skydive Spaceland Atlanta for the annual Birthday Boogie, and this years line up look super rad, not to mention the PussFoot crew will be on site for some shenanigans. From an epic lineup of organizers and planned fun to a stellar party and plenty of giveaways, this years Birthday Bash is a must. so , make sure you set your vacation calendars for April 26th-28th. Located only a 90 min drive from Atlanta international airport (A Delta Hub - super cheap flights) and with a $35 registration fee that includes a free shirt, this boogie will not break the bank.


Location - Spaceland Atlanta 

Date - 4/26 - 4/28

Address - 1195 Grady Rd, Rockmart, Georgia 30153

Facebook -

Registration -

Boogie Page -

Jump tickets - $28

Camping - Free

Skip the lines and buy on line

Aircraft -




Food - 
Burgers and dogs on the grill all day and FREE Pizza N beer Saturday Night
Music - lining up real, live music for Saturday night. Stay tuned!
Beer - yes but once its gone its gone so bring some as well
No drinking till the beer light is green
Free Candy and Stuff
( Boogie Fun )

"Hit 'N Chug" comp this year? C'mon out and show of your crash-and-burn-and-guzzle skillz!


“PussFoot’s Baby drop- yup a baby drop. Babies go fast so make sure to get with Brian as soon as you arrive to secure your slot and a chance to win the Flying foot trophy.

                  the trophy

PussFoot will also host a QUEST on Saturday night. (no idea what that is? Dont worry its fun and with Brian hosting you definitely need to come play, shit will get weird)

           Got Ya

Hint he loves the 80's



Brian Casserly - Zoo Dives

James Englund - Free Fly 

Scott Franklin - Belly 

Louis French - Belly 

Guru - Wing Suits

Scott Latinis - Belly 



The list of sponsors keeps growing so make sure to keep checking the event page for updates.

Bev Suits

Tony Suits


Rig Sleeve

Option Studios Inc.

Kua Sky



DZ Info 

all you need to know about Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

If you are new to the sport or the boogie circuit don't feel intimidated to come. Trust me this is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people and obtain new skills. PussFoot will be on hand to bring newer jumpers on organized fun jumps no matter your skill level you will have a blast. So put in your calendar April 26th-28th and come have some fun! See your there

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