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Full Face vz Open Face Helmets 

Catherine Bernier is a skydiver based in Quebec, Canada and in order to go through the off-season while staying connected to her sport, she decided to start a brand new Youtube channel all about skydiving. From tips & tricks videos to interviews & gear reviews the channel brings a fresh place for skydivers to find useful information to become better & safer skydivers.
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Why do skydivers wear helmets? Well, the public can laugh about that all they want and they are right saying that wearing an helmet won’t save our lives when hitting the ground without any parachute. That being said, helmets are part of the skydiving sport and are even mandatory until a certain license. Whether in freefall or because of a hard landing, wearing an helmet can save us from many injuries.

There are 2 main type of skydiving helmet on the market; open face & full face. They both offer some pros & cons that you need to consider depending your level of experience and the skydiving discipline you want to do.

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This video reviews both types in a general manner to help you choose the right one for your skydiving jumps!

Let us know in the comments if you do have one and what you like about it!


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  • I love my closed faced helmet… I use to have door anxiety with my open faced helmet, mostly because I realized that I had to take off my helmet to put my goggles on and I didn’t feel ready if I was sitting next to the door… the second I got my full face my door anxiety disappeared and I am less scared of my skydives.


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