Free Candy, Puppies and Stuff- #4 Ryan Redfoot and his dog

Whats up world?  I am super excited to bring you the fourth submission for Free Candy (Van Life). I really love seeing all of these amazing rides, it’s inspiring me to get off my chair and start my own build. This week i'm excited to Bring you Ryan Redfoot’s truck. Looking over the build I must say, wow this looks cozy, I could definitely see myself going tiny. Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram to see pics from his adventures. As always if you have a van or camp spot that you would like to show the world, email us at

The Builder 

Name - Ryan Redfoot

Home DZ - Skydive Moab

Instagram - flyinryan88

Facebook - ryan.redfoot


The Truck 

Make - Ford

Year - 2004

Model - F-150

Mileage - 180k

I smell a photography career 



Fun Facts

My name is Ryan Redfoot I am 29 years old and I currently live in my truck. In 2009 when I was 20 years old, I joined the Army and became an Airborne Ranger. I spent the next 7 years of my life at 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in Savannah, Ga. A good portion of my time while in the army was spent in Afghanistan where I Deployed to 6 times in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

 Get Some 

In 2012 I made a lifelong goal of mine come true! I went skydiving. I had a little experience with static line from my time in the army but this was my first freefall. I went straight to learning how to become a skydiver. It immediately took over my life! I finished out my time in the Army in June of 2016 to fulfill my dream of becoming a traveling skydiving instructor. This was all I put my mind to for the next year and a half. The majority of my time as a skydiver was spent at The Jumping Place Skydiving Center in Statesboro, Ga. I really began my search for the traveling skydiver life this year (2018).

The plan was to find an RV or a van. But after some thinking I decided to build my home on the bed of my truck. So that's what I did! I packed up everything in my house that I needed and left Savannah just me and my dog. I made a week-long stop in my hometown in Alabama to make the build with my grandfather and other family members that helped. There wasn't much of a plan when we started so we just started putting it together. We bolted the frame down to the bed walls with six 7"x1.5" bolts. Added a scoop to the front for better aerodynamics and extra inside storage and we also left the tailgate down to add an extra 2 feet of space and allow for a full door. The windows came out of my great grandfathers 50-year-old camper shell that we still had laying around in the woods. My bed is my grandparents' old dresser/frame for their waterbed that they had when I was a small child. This tiny home on wheels was built with a lot of character and family history. It is also completely insulated and has solar power. I am currently in Moab, Utah working at Skydive Moab as an instructor and videographer! My dream of becoming a traveling nomad skydiver came true! I am living proof that you want something bad enough you will have it!

The Pics


  Step one framing 


 Yup I fit 


 Water Bed frame from Grandma 


 Comfy look at the storage and windows


 That will do


In the end our possessions will only own us, let go and live 


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