Free Candy, Puppies and Stuff- #2 Matthieu Brossard

Whats up world?  I am super excited to bring you the second submission for Free Candy ( Van Life). I really love seeing all of these amazing rides, it’s inspiring me to get off my chair and start my own build. This week we bring you Matthieu Brossard’s van. Matthieu has definitely put his blood sweat and i'm sure tears into this van, so make sure to give it a share. Don't forget to leave comments below. And Remember is you would like to share your ride or camp site with the community please feel free to email us at Blue Skies !!!!

Humble Beginning

 But where will I Sleep 

The Builder 

Name: Matthieu Brossard

Home DZ: Spaceland Houston


The Skinny

  • 5 cylinder 2.7L engine that does 23 miles to the gallon
  • Sound insulation (Bitumen sheets) and heat / cold insulation (polyiso)
  • Queen size bed : comfortably sleeps 2. 

  • Popup table under the bed with seating on each side

 A table for Two 

  • 100 amp 12v battery with 2 100 watt solar panels on the roof
  • Inverter / charger to get 120v anywhere, anytime and be able to charge the batteries when plugged in (RV park)
  • Portable AC unit for the hot months of the south - Only works when plugged in
  • 120v / 12v fridge - 45 qts
  • 6 LED lights in the celing
  • 2 amp USB chargers

 A Must Have 

  • 10 gallon tank with a tap


  • Fantastic fan : Really helpfull to circulate air, it closes by itself if it starts raining
  • 2 burner stove working off a propane bottle + its detector

 The Meals I could make here 

  • Loads of storage under the bed and in overhang cabinets
  • Separation from the cabin for better sound and heat insulation
  • Flooring

 Well Done Sir

  • Future improvement : 
    • I used a 3 fold mattress, I would liketo create a system allowing a quick switch to a futton position for reading / working
    • I would like a sink to more easily wash plates - Issue is where does the grey water go


 I mostly got inspired by the school bus builds, I originally wanted to make one of those but could not find the space to build it or park it. With this van I can park anywhere where a car can and I worked on it in my apartment complex parking lot (thank you neighbors for being understanding !).

 " With this van i can park anywhere where a car can"






Fun Fact

We used the van to do a massive 6000+ miles road-trip last year from New Orleans to Yosemite, seing and hiking 10 parks in the process.
It has served us very well and I enjoy traveling in it, it gives such a sensation of freedom to be able to park anywhere and just sleep in a place you know and love. 
Well Played Matthieu. Thank you for your submission, I am sure you will inspire many more to go out and grab life by the horns. 
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